Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How've you been?

Hey! I missed you all! I'm so sorry for the infrequent postings and general lack of posts lately! My life has been hectic to say the least, but it seems to finally be coming together. My hubby is all settled in at his new(ish) job and doing extremely well ... and not only that ... he loves the job & they love him! So happy and proud of him. Our little Zoe is growing TOO quickly; she'll be 10 months on the 29th. She's a little behind schedule with teeth, but her bottom two just broke through a few days ago! She is days away from walking and growing beautifully. As for me, oh boy! My ankle is a mess and I've been sick for WEEKS, but I'm working on it!

Anyway, I know I'm going to be a week behind (I'm sorry), but October's Beauty Week will begin this Sunday, October 21 and I'll plan to continue all future beauty weeks as they were: occurring the week of the 15th each month, beginning on the Sunday of that week. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.

I also got an update from AdSense and it seems ads on blog feeds will be leaving so you'll be saying bye to those soon too. Feel free to visit any of the side or bottom ads while they're around if you find anything relevant or useful in them!

I would like to give the heads up to my readers that Forever 21 will be having their Friends & Family sale this Sunday, October 21, 2012!!! If you visit them online, you'll find a banner along the top suggesting you to subscribe for e-mail updates to get info on sales, deals, and especially the F&F discount on 10/21! I'm anxiously awaiting the announcement of what the actual sale will be; I've heard 20% off, but not quite sure since they seem to use a theme of the number "21" when it comes to sales days, return window, and so on so I guess we shall see!

Forever 21 recently reopened their new store in the King of Prussia Mall with a new space, which is now two floors and features TONS of new stock! They now offer Forever 21, Love21, Forever 21 Girls, 21Men, Forever 21+ Plus Sizes with a huge variety to choose from! They also have a big accessories section with jewelery, shoes, purses, scarves, and more!

They have amazingly low prices and a big range of looks, styles, colors, and sizes. The only downside I've found to this store is that you MUST be sure of your purchase before you make it since they have a very strict return policy. All returns must be made within 21 days of purchase date, you must have your receipt and the tags must still be attached. All returns are either exchanges or can be returned for store credit-no monetary reimbursement! It's well worth shopping here and the drive out, if you're not close to KOP (or wherever your Forever 21 is), for the amazing selection and value! I got a whole head-to-toe outfit (purse included) for around $80! This included a pair of skinny jeans, a cute top, a skinny belt, a pea coat, and purse! Killer deal, right??

Anyway, this post was much longer than I meant to make it, but I'll keep you loves updated on the F&F sale! Don't forget to visit Forever 21 in store and online and sign up for the e-mail updates!