Friday, May 11, 2012

Revlon Hair Dye

I have always loved changing my hair color. I get bored too quickly and want to try a new color and then end up needing to change it back because it was too drying, too much maintenance, whatever the case may have been. Well, when I found out I was pregnant with Zoe, I dyed my hair a really pretty black so it'd be simple, easy to maintain, and wouldn't be too drying. During my pregnancy, I was really uncomfortable and hot all the time so I rarely styled my hair using any type of heat (blow dryer, straightener, or curling iron) and didn't color it very often. My hair finally got a break! I'd been doing some type of chemical coloring since I was 12 and 10 years later, after all the chemicals and heat, my hair needed a BREAK! So it finally got one! Besides that, I also found the coconut oil and coconut milk products and really did some deep conditioning treatments to fully restore it. Finally after Zoe was here and it had been about a year of minimal treatments, I was ready to do something a little different.

I went to Hair Cuttery and asked them to lighten it overall. They said the only way to do so from black was to bleach it, which would be too expensive and too rough on my hair. They did a full head foil of highlights and trimmed my bangs and I left wet and not styled and paid $125!!!!!!!!!!!! AT HAIR CUTTERY! Oh and did I mention you could barely see the highlights?! I was pissed to say the least.

I spoke with a friend from high school who is a hair dresser and she had me come in. She did a color correction and bleached my hair and then redyed it a lighter golden brown and told me it would take a few steps, but it would lighten. She did an absolutely fabulous job! She did the color correction, rinse and condition, hair dye, rinse and condition and really took her time with me. She put product in my hair and let me sit under a drier and all of that (including tip!) cost me less than the trip to Hair Cuttery. And she works in a legitimate salon!

My plans were to continue with her, but my husband lost his job and a bunch of things happened which made even that great deal unaffordable for me so I was left in a bit of a bind. I had roots coming in, fluctuations in hair color from the bleaching and redying after so many shampoos and just needed SOMETHING! I'd used many different box dyes before, but didn't love any of them and really couldn't find a shade I liked that wouldn't be too much maintenance. Finally I found it!
Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color Permanent Color Dark Golden Brown 37
REVLON Colorsilk Beautiful Color Permanent Color Dark Golden Brown #37
It's a gorgeous color and turned out great! It's really forgiving and blends easily with most skin tones and eyebrow shades from what I've seen. The dye sits on for 25-30 minutes when dying your whole head (not just root touch-up) and rinses out easily. It comes with a conditioning packet like most brands do, but I've found it to be really softening. There is no harsh odor like many hair dyes and it all rinses out easily in the shower so you don't have to worry about your hair being wet and color transferring on to clothes, pillows, sheets, etc. I'll post a picture of the hair color when I post my Ice Loves Coco - Coco makeup look (probably Sunday or Monday) so you can see it! If you're in need of hair dye though, give REVLON Colorsilk color a try.

*Not to mention, it's the most inexpensive name-brand dye I've found. It cost me only $3.14 a box from Walmart! I need 2-3 boxes personally because my hair is long, coarse, and thick! Be sure you have plenty of dye (buy extras and what you don't use, return or save for next time) because you don't want to be caught in the bind of having 3/4 of your hair dyed and none left and needing to run back out!*

Let me know what you think!

Great and Inexpensive Hairspray

There are SOOOO many different hair spray choices out there today. From brands, to level of hold, and the HUGE price ranges, it can be a tough decision! Do I want a lightweight hold so I still have movement and flow or do I need every hair to stay in place? Do I need a high-end name brand or are inexpensive or even no-name brands okay? And most importantly today, how much do I really want to spend on freaking hair spray? It's not like it's going to replace my like 10 other products I need for my hair! That's why after trying MANY a hair sprays, I've finally found one that I love. It works well, can be found in many stores, and certainly doesn't cost much.

Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Lightweight Hold
According to, the hairspray has been "salon proven to hold as well as Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity hairspray". I have found that it works great! I can spray it after styling to hold my look or spray it on the hair before I straighten or curl it since it helps the hair style much more easily and set immediately. The hairspray lasts and holds, but doesn't leave my hair crunchy or hard. It also smells GREAT, which I love! I hate when you breathe in hair spray and it tastes like nasty chemical.

Suave recently redid their line and added new products and redid their packaging. It's much more appealing and professional looking. I just love that the prices didn't go up!

You can find the hairspray in any drug store, Walmart, Target, and any stores that sell Suave products. It ranges from $2.74 to $3.69 in stores, so certainly not a bad price! Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ice Loves Coco

So I was super bummed to find that Ice Loves Coco wasn't on Sunday night because apparently the season is over :(, but did everyone watch the weekend before? I just LOVE LOVE LOVED Coco's makeup during her interviews. It was different than her usual look with a softer pink lip and a little softer eye, but I thought it was super flattering on her and loved seeing her switch it up!

It kind of looked like this:
Coco Austin - Shoe Freak

Only the eye makeup was much more subtle and softer. She still had eyeliner on, but I'd say more matte nude shadows.

Anway, I just sinerely enjoyed seeing this look on her and loved seeing a softer side of Coco ... still sexy, just soft!

Life's been crazy hectic for the hubby and I, as I'm sure any of my loyal readers noticed there's been a good distance between posts lately. I do apologize and I'm trying to write more often so next time I'm going to do my own recreation of this look! Also, my hubby set up our laptop's webcam so I'm thinking about doing tutorials so I'd love some feedback on that too as far as interest goes and what tutorials you'd like to see. I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday so I may not post before then and wish me luck! Lots of love!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Great Mask Line I Found!

My hubby and I needed a kick-start for our skin so I picked up two different masks at our Walmart based on our skin care concerns. I wanted something to hydrate and rejuvenate my skin and he needed something to remove excess oil and essentially clean his face. While I looked around at a variety of brands and prices, I stumbled upon a small section of masks in pouches for one-time uses. I chose one for him and one for me and here's what we thought:

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Peel-Off Mask Cucumber
It looks a lot like clear glue, and feels like it too! I squeezed it out of the pouch into my hands and tried to rub them together to easily spread it on my face and that just wasn't happening! I could barely separate my hands! I decided to push through and spread the glue-like substance on my face avoiding the eye and lip area and the hairline. It said to leave on for 5-10 minutes, or until dry, then simply peel off and rinse with warm water. I gave it a try and after about 10 minutes, it was just about dry. I began to peel it off and it peels rather easily. It peels in pretty big sections so it isn't too time-consuming to remove. As soon as I began peeling it away, I could already feel how smooth my skin was. Once I rinsed with warm water and dried my face, I felt my cheeks, which are usually drier, and my skin felt great. It was smooth, hydrated, and refreshed. Best of all, it didn't irritate my skin and leave me all red. I was extremely happy with my mask and would certainly use it again. Even better, each pouch only cost $1.37!
Freeman Peel-Off Cucumber Mask at Walmart

Hubby's: (Orange for the Flyers!)
Freeman Mint & Lemon Facial Clay Mask
This mask was for deep pore cleansing, which he always likes. This was like a typical clay mask and smoothed right on over his face. We applied it evenly to his skin, avoiding the eye and lip areas, the hairline, and any facial hair. This mask didn't specify time, merely just said to rinse with warm water once dry. He allowed it to dry and said he could feel it hardening. He rinsed with warm water and was left was soft, clean skin! He did mention towards the end of the mask drying, during rinsing, and until he moisturized, his face felt tight and a slight burning. While he has combination skin (oily T-zone and dry to normal in the cheeks), he is also extremely sensitive. This product was great for a kick-start for him, but I'd stick to using this about once a month for an extra boost and using the mask I used for him weekly or every other week. However, if you are not sensitive and more on the oily side/break-out prone, this mask would be fine for you more often! Again, this mask only cost $1.37!
Freeman Mint & Lemon Clay Mask at Walmart

Give them a try, depending on your skin type, and let me know what you think! If you've tried these masks, or any other other ones, let me know what you thought and how they've worked for you!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

e.l.f. at Dollar Tree!

Hey ladies! My local Dollar Tree carries L.A. Colors and sometimes NYC cosmetics in a semi-limited collection. Lately, they've been getting more products and more colors and expanding their cosmetics section. I noticed when I was shopping there this week, they added e.l.f. cosmetics products to their shelves!

I was at the Dollar Tree in Lawrence Park Shopping Center in Broomall, PA and found their new cosmetics section! They have makeup and brushes from both the essential and studio line so far. Most of these products are extremely inexpensive to begin with, but here, they're all guaranteed to be $1.00, which you just can't beat! Going to e.l.f. cosmetics' website can certainly be a better deal if you're going to buy a bunch because you'll find a much wider selection, standard shipping rate, and tons and tons of coupon codes to choose from depending on what you'd prefer. There's percentages off totals, free items when spending certain amounts, and much more. However, if you need a product now and don't have time to wait for shipping or like to look at the products in person, here's another place you can find them. Targets and K-Marts also sell e.l.f. cosmetics, but at the Dollar Tree, you know you'll only spend $1.00 per product. Now I'm sure they won't carry the entire line since not everything can be that inexpensive, but if you're anything like me and enjoy perusing a dollar store, take a peak!

Also, stay tuned for a new review! While I was rummaging through the Dollar Tree, I found a new skin care line. Its a lot like those kiosks in the malls now that try to grab you as you walk by and hand you lotion packets or ask to see your nails featuring products with Dead Sea Salts. I bought an eye cream, anti-wrinkle serum, and night cream (since I've noticed a few tiny fine lines peaking out and we all know there's no real fix besides surgery once they are there ... it's PREVENTION PREVENTION PREVENTION, ladies!) Anyway, enough lecture :), I'll let you know what I think of them after I've tried them for a few days!