Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ice Loves Coco

So I was super bummed to find that Ice Loves Coco wasn't on Sunday night because apparently the season is over :(, but did everyone watch the weekend before? I just LOVE LOVE LOVED Coco's makeup during her interviews. It was different than her usual look with a softer pink lip and a little softer eye, but I thought it was super flattering on her and loved seeing her switch it up!

It kind of looked like this:
Coco Austin - Shoe Freak

Only the eye makeup was much more subtle and softer. She still had eyeliner on, but I'd say more matte nude shadows.

Anway, I just sinerely enjoyed seeing this look on her and loved seeing a softer side of Coco ... still sexy, just soft!

Life's been crazy hectic for the hubby and I, as I'm sure any of my loyal readers noticed there's been a good distance between posts lately. I do apologize and I'm trying to write more often so next time I'm going to do my own recreation of this look! Also, my hubby set up our laptop's webcam so I'm thinking about doing tutorials so I'd love some feedback on that too as far as interest goes and what tutorials you'd like to see. I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday so I may not post before then and wish me luck! Lots of love!

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