Friday, March 30, 2012

Look #4 (mainly NYX Cosmetics)

Hey there! Finally, the promised new look after my awful flu! Thanks so much for being patient with me. :) This look I got from Ulta's Facebook pictures and made my own version of. I'd love to hear what you think!

First I start with primer all over my face. Then I applied NYX Hi Definition Photo Concealer Wand under my eyes, around my nostrils, on my red spots and the vein on my chin. After I blended the concealer in, I applied the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Foundation. I finished off with and HD finishing powder.

Next, I applied both blush colors from e.l.f. cosmetics makeup clutch palette to my cheeks. Then I applied the bronzer shade to contour my face.

For my eyes, I began, as always, by priming my eyelids with MAC Paint Pot in "Painterly". I then used the eye shadow trio from NYX called "Shangri-LA" which is contains a yellow, peach, and orange eye shadow. I applied the yellow shade in my inner corner about half way across my lid using e.l.f. eye shadow brush "C". Next, I applied the peach shade using the same brush to the outer half of my lid and my brow bone. After blending these just enough so it didn't look like a clear, dividing line down my eyelid, I applied the orange shade to my outer corner and into my crease using e.l.f.'s Angled Contour brush. I defined my eyes by applying cream eye liner in a deep brown using a small angled brush. Then I applied some of the yellow shadow under my eye in just my inner corner, then ran the orange shade under the remaining 3/4 of my eye using a contour brush. I finished up with mascara.

I also used NYX Slim Eye Pencil in "Taupe" on my eyebrows and use a mascara wand to brush out the hairs and distribute the color more naturally.

Lastly, I finished up with my lips. I lined and filled in my lips with NYX Slim Lip Pencil in "Natural". I then applied NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in "Natural" to my entire lip. I also took NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in "Dolly Girl" and ran it around my entire lip line like a thick lip liner. I then used e.l.f.'s Small Precision Brush to blend the brighter color inward so it didn't look like a lip liner.

I also wore one of my new flower clip accessories I've been making too to complete the spring look!

NYX Cosmetics
e.l.f. Cosmetics

Thursday, March 29, 2012

High Pigment, High Quality, Low Priced Eyeshadows!!

As a makeup junkie, I am always on the lookout for any good finds. To be a good enough find for me to write about on my blog, the product has to be high quality and affordable because I hate those beauty blogs or magazine articles that tell you about this amazing cream or have-to-have gloss that's like $100 because the wand has crystals on it or something stupid and unnecessary. Sure, I'd love crystal lip gloss, but I'm not rich like that :). (Hopefully one day! lol) Anyway, one of the main products I'm always trying to find is eye shadow. There's some great brands out there with high pigmented shadows, but $14-$28 for a single shadow gets a little expensive, especially when I'm not the kind of girl who only has 3 shadows that I mix between. I use 3 shadows minimum per look!

NYX Cosmetics makes an amazing eye shadow. They sell them in singles, trios, 5-colors palettes and larger/seasonal palettes. They also sell eye shadow pigments, glitter, roll on glitter-shadow, and cream eye shadow. I recently purchased 2 trios, a roll on glitter-shadow, and a single shadow.

I got the trio "Shangri-LA". It's a bright yellow, a bright orange, and then a softer peachy, sheeny, orange. The colors are beautiful. They are highly pigmented and extremely smooth. Each trio is only $7.00 on NYX Cosmetic's website and I believe it was $7.50 at Ulta. You should definitely check this out for a bright, spring look.

I also got the trio "Cherry/Cool Blue/Hot Pink". It's a gorgeous collection to make pretty cotton candy eye look that you often see on cosmetic store ads and signs. These colors also can be worn in coordination with colors you probably already have at home like black, gray, or neutrals. Again, this trio is highly pigmented and very smooth in texture.

Next, I got the Roll On Eye Shimmer in "Purple". I bought this to coordinate with the darker pink color in the palette above and a single shadow I'm going to mention next. I'm trying to recreate a look I saw in a magazine, which I will post pictures of later. This is not like many other roll-on shimmers because it has true color, not just glitter and is very easy to apply and not messy. It only costs $4.50 too!

Last, I got a single shadow to complete the look. It's a deep blue and it also is smooth and highly pigmented.  Their single shadows only cost $5.00 and Ulta often runs specials for buy 1, get 1 50% off.

I'll post pictures of my looks I create with these colors this weekend. I've been down with the flu unfortunately so I know I haven't posted much. :( Thanks for sticking with me though, loves! Hope you're all doing well!

NYX cosmetics

Monday, March 26, 2012

High Quality, High Value Brush Cleaner

Now I know my avid readers and makeup lovers use makeup brushes every time they apply makeup, right? Well if I assumed correctly, you must also be cleaning them too right? I hope so! It is super important to clean your makeup brushes for many reasons. The most obvious: if you don't clean the brushes and you go to use a new color, old color will transfer and you'll have to start all over again! But much more importantly, BACTERIA! Let's face it, you're often applying liquids to your face which has oils, bacteria, and any other remnants that landed there all mixing together on your brushes! Then if left dirty, bacteria, oil, and anything else is just left to fester on your brush ... not to mention it's not good for the hairs on your brushes either!

It is recommended to at least once to twice a week, shampoo your brushes, but you probably wear makeup more often than that so they need more cleaning than that! The best way to maintain your brushes between shampoos is to use a daily brush cleaner. It'll come in a spray bottle and you'll simply spray the brushes and stroke them in one direction on a paper towel until color stops transferring. Then, and very importantly, whether shampooing or spraying clean, always allow the brushes to dry by laying flat on its side. **If you do not do this and let them stand up, any water, shampoo, or spray that hasn't dried will drip into the base of the hairs and loosen them and lead to those annoying hairs that get left behind on your face when applying makeup!**

I highly recommend using e.l.f. cosmetics "Daily Brush Cleaner". It is only $3.00 for 8.5oz. Believe me when I tell you this is a GREAT deal. If you wear makeup daily and are a responsible brush cleaner ;), you'll be shocked by how fast this stuff can go. Especially if you're like me and have tons of brushes! The one I used to use before this was the same size, but cost $13.50! Give this a go; you won't be disappointed!

e.l.f. cosmetics Daily Brush Cleaner

Facebook Page is Up for My Blog

Hey gorgeous! I officially have a Facebook page for my blog. I figured it's an easy way to get updates when I publish new posts if you "like" the page. I'll post pictures of the looks, updates when new posts go up, and anything else I think you'll find relevant. Here's the link and I hope to see you there! :)

Confessions From a Makeup Addict (Beauty Blog)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Perfect Sexy Red Lip ...

Every woman wants to rock a red lip, at least deep down. Some people are afraid of the color, some people don't feel they can find the right red for them, and a lot of women believe their skin tone can't wear red. WRONG! There is a red for everyone! It can be a sassy look in a cute sundress or a sophisticated business suit or sexy and glamorous in a beautiful gown! You can go dramatic with a soft, but smokey eye or really leave the focus on your lips and go very natural on the eye. There are a couple key steps to applying red lipstick because it's not very forgiving and it certainly stains.

1. Always prep your lips. I like to wear a very hydrating lip balm while I put the rest of my makeup on to really soften my lips. I wipe it all off before I apply lip color and in wiping it off, I remove all the dead skin. This is very important with a red lip because if a piece of skin on your lip falls off, it will be super obvious when a whole space isn't red and the rest of your lip is.

2. Outline your lips and the corners of your mouth with concealer. It will give you a designated space and make the lines of your lips very clear. It also makes your lip shape more pronounced and when going for a red lip, the focus is obviously your pout!

3. For added longevity, consider a lip liner. Not the old fashioned style though. Lip liner is to be worn on the entire lip. Its like a protective barrier that grabs your lipstick/lip gloss and holds them on. This step also will give your lip shape definition.

4. Apply a matte red lipstick. It will last much longer and will be less likely to transfer onto your teeth.

5. Finish with a clear blue gloss or a red gloss with blue undertones. This will make your lips look finished and irresistible while making your smile appear whiter since blue tones make teeth appear whiter.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my red lip from e.l.f. cosmetics! I wore it out the other night and applied only a lipstick and a lip gloss at 3:30pm, ate an entire meal, and didn't have to reapply anything except a thin layer of gloss after at 7:30pm! Not too bad in my opinion! Oh, and did I mention these two products together are only $6.00?? Um, some drug store lipsticks that barely show up can cost more than that!

So here they are:
- e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color in "Rich Red" ($3.00)

- e.l.f. Studio Glossy Gloss in "Merry Cherry" ($3.00)
*This picture makes the color appear like a raspberry shade, but it is NOT!*
*It is a true deep red with a high quality pigmentation!*

Here's a picture for you of this look!
(And a look at my angel, Zoe!)

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Perfect Concealer

Let's face it: who doesn't need concealer for something? Whether it's under-eye circles, blemishes, acne scarring, discolorations, visible veins, etc, we all want a little extra coverage for our little reminders we've lived! I've tried concealers from the most inexpensive drug store brands to the costliest ones from department stores. I finally found one that I just love!

NYX cosmetics Hi Definition Photo Concealer Wand ($5.49)
This product has, by far, the best coverage of anything of I've tried and for only $5.49, I'll take it! It comes with a built-in applicator but I like to dab dots on my problem areas and blend using a concealer brush and my ring finger (especially for my under-eye circles!).

This product covers my dark under eye circles, a vein on my chin, redness in my cheeks, and any blemishes I have. I've had no problems with it causing irritation or breakouts, which I know many people are concerned about when using inexpensive brands, especially if they're not familiar with them.

I also love it because a little bit goes such a long way and since it covers my major problems, I can use less foundation. I basically just use foundation to blend it all together and even out my overall skin tone.

If you're looking for a great, inexpensive concealer, give this a try! You can find this brand and this product at Ulta stores and online. NYX cosmetics also does have a website that offers an abundant array of products, I just can't seem to find this product on there. It may be sold out right now, but either way, Ulta has it!

Find this concealer at Ulta

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Look #3

Today was a surprise date night! I got ready rather last minute, but I created a look I've been wanting to do. I wanted to make my focus on red lips with products I had purchased from e.l.f. cosmetics. I decided to do a golden brown smokey eye with the red lips. I used all e.l.f. makeup for eyes (except primer), cheeks, and lips!

Eyes: As always, I started with my MAC paint pot in painterly for my primer. I then applied the Cream Eyeliner in "Ivory" ($3.00) on top of my primer using the concealer brush. I did this to add a sheeny base to the shadows I was about to apply. I then used shadows from the e.l.f. Studio Makeup Clutch Palette ($15.00). I began using eye shadow brush "C" to apply the golden color (3 rows in, top color) to my lid (lash line to crease). Then, I applied the slightly darker gold (3 rows over, second color down) on top using eye shadow brush "C". Next, I used a combination of the dark, shimmery brown (2 rows in, third color down) and the matte black (8 rows in, third color down) using angled eye shadow brush to my outer corner and into my crease. Last, I used a combination of the light shimmery golden shade (first row, top color) and the shimmery pink shade (first row, second color down) and applied that using eye shadow brush "C" on my brow bone and inner corner. I also used the smudge brush and applied the dark shimmery brown and matte black combination under my lower lash line. I then applied the Cream Eyeliner in "Coffee" in an extremely thin line in my lash line using the small angled brush. I finished up with e.l.f.'s volumizing mascara.

Brows: I used the brow kit that was part of the e.l.f. Studio Makeup Clutch Palette to fill in my brows.

Cheeks: I used a combination of the two blushes in the e.l.f. Studio Makeup Clutch Palette and applied on the apple of my cheeks upwards to my temples. I also swept the bronzer shade over top. I then applied the 2nd shade and 4th shade from the Face Shimmer Palette ($3.00) to my upper cheek bone for definition.

Lips: I conditioned my lips with lip balm while I applied the rest of my makeup. I then wiped that off and applied the e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color in "Rich Red" ($3.00). I finished with a coat of e.l.f. Glossy Gloss in "Merry Cherry" ($3.00). I applied this look at 3 p.m., took the pictures below around 5-5:30 p.m., ate an entire dinner (appetizer through dessert and drank water) before I had to reapply anything, and all I needed was a little gloss. For $6.00 total for an entire lip look that didn't bleed or fade was just amazing to me. I've spent over $6.00 on a simple lipstick from a drug store brand that barely gave me any color, let alone lasted that long. I've also used department store lip colors that cost anywhere from $14-$28 that may have a decent amount of pigment, but still very rarely lasted. *Also, the lip color never got dry or uncomfortable, nor was it sticky!

Take a peak & let me know what you think! :) Thanks, loves!


Eyebrows are super hot this season! Natural looking, not super thin or crazy bushy, eyebrows. Let's face it: if you do your full face of makeup and don't do your brows, something is just missing. They frame your eyes, give your face shape and definition, and just complete your look. There are all different types of products to fill in your brows, give them better shape, and keep all the hairs in order. There are pencils, waxes, powders, and gels to choose from. Your decision should be based on your needs, but also what your most comfortable with using.

Powder:  It is best for filling in tiny spots on basically full brows for a light definition and blending in tiny holes. Not really ideal for little to no brow hairs or for holding hairs in place.

Pencil: These can fill in tiny holes as well as little to no brow hairs, but ideally you'd use one specifically made for brows so that they don't easily rub off (wouldn't want our brows running away would we?). They are best applied carefully and precisely as to not look "drawn on". You'll want to draw it on as if you're drawing tiny little hairs in so it looks natural. I generally use a mascara wand to run through after to spread the color and blend it with my natural hairs. This is the safest go to no matter what condition your brows are in. Just practice with it until you get a natural looking shape and depth of color.

Waxes: These can be clear or pigmented. Clear is basically just to groom the brow hairs and keep them in place. Pigmented waxes do the same thing while also filling in sparse spots. Again, I haven't found this to work too well for very little to no brow hairs, but for little holes, this will certainly do.

Gels: Again, these can be clear or pigmented. Clear can be worn by itself to hold down sparse brow hairs and the pigmented gels will hold your brows in place while filling in with some color. Again this is best if your brows are already pretty full naturally.

Clear gel or clear wax (I prefer gel) can be worn over powder or pencil to just hold everything in place.

When choosing your color it's best to go as close to your natural brow as possible. If you've dramatically changed your hair color (black to blonde or vice versa), I'd recommend using a taupe/ash color to make your brows a neutral shade. It won't look too fake, but it'll make them blend with your hair color best. Red heads should ideally use a color closest to their natural shade, or a taupe since plenty of red heads and dirty blondes don't have the same natural hair color as their eye brow color. Basically your best bet is to go into a store like Ulta or Sephora that has plenty of cosmetic brands and samples to try out so you can play around with what's best for you!

Don't forget to be safe! Always make sure if you try one on though that it's properly sanitized. In those stores, the samples are out for anyone to try and not everyone pays attention to sanitation. Just rub down the tip a little/sharpen the pencil then spray with alcohol and you'll be fine. For powders, be sure to use a tissue and rub off the top layer of product, same goes for waxes. For gels, be sure to use a sample mascara wand.

I really like NYX cosmetics' eyeliner/eyebrow pencil in taupe (SPE915) $3.50
I also like e.l.f. cosmetics' eyebrow kit which contains a pigmented wax and powder. $3.00

e.l.f. cosmetics also sells a 12-pack of mascara wands that can be used multiple times to brush out your brows for $3.00

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner

I love cream eyeliner's for precise, pigmented color application. I also like it as a highly pigmented base under similarly colored shadows for added depth. I've used ones from major department store brands, so when I saw e.l.f. had then for only $3.00, I had to give them a go. I ordered it in black, white (called ivory, but it's a very true white with a shimmer to it), and a teal. I tried the teal on my hand because while I will use it as a liner, I was excited to see what I could do with it as a shadow base, or a shadow on its own.

It's called "teal tease" and comes with a small brush to use for eyeliner application, but I have plenty of eyeliner brushes, so I doubt I'll use the tiny one, but for those of you just starting out, it does have an applicator. It's a really pretty, highly pigmented teal blue that I just love. I'm so excited to actually put it on and I'll post pictures for you once I do, but I just wanted to let you know, especially with all these e.l.f. sales going on, that it's a great product ... and at that price, why not stock up on all the colors?

Just an aside, my second order had an item missing that was listed on the order sheet and that I was charged for. I tried calling customer service, sat on hold for 30 minutes, and gave up. I went online and submitted the customer service form stating an "order discrepancy" and they responded a few hours later, apologizing for the inconvenience and issuing a refund. From what I've seen on e.l.f. cosmetics' Facebook account, this can happen. I am happy with their quick response though, and assuming the money posts back on the account accurately, I'll have no issues ordering from them again. I just wanted to let you know just in case you had a similar issue, they do resolve it and the products' quality and price make it worth it!

e.l.f. cosmetics cream eyeliners
 Metallic Olive

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Look #2 Using e.l.f. Cosmetics!

Hey, loves! Today, we went to NJ to visit my dad's mom & grandmom so we could take a 5 generation picture. We had my little Zobean who is 11 1/2 weeks, me (22 years old), my dad is 52, my grand-mom/his mom is 81 and my great-grandmom is 101! Super special picture! I was wearing a yellow dress so I knew I wanted to go with my tangerine lip and coral cheek so I decided to embrace a pixie look for my eyes that Ally at MAC had shown me a version of.

Again, I used the e.l.f. brushes and was still very satisfied. I cleaned the brushes last night with their brush cleaner (SUPER GREAT DEAL .. it is the Daily Brush Cleaner (8.5 oz) for only $3.00!) and used them again to apply my makeup today and still no bristles falling out!

I wore just my Cosmic Coral blush today, and wore the Mineral Lipstick in "Natural Nymph" $5.00 under the Glossy Gloss in "Tangy Tangerine" $3.00. The gloss does come up pretty pigmented when worn by itself too which surprised me so if you have to reapply and don't feel like doing both steps, the gloss will suffice.

Again, for my eyes, I wore my MAC paint pot in "Painterly" for my primer. I then used the e.l.f. studio silver box 100-piece classic eyeshadow palette for my eyes. I first applied a burnt orange color to my lid from lash line to crease using eyeshadow brush "C". From the left on this palette, it's 7 rows in and 6 colors down. This created a light shimmery tone so in order to create a little more pigment, I used the concealer brush and dipped it in the same color and quickly ran it under cool water. I made sure it wasn't too wet (dripping!) and then patted it on to my lid. Wetting shadows creates a deeper pigment and using a concealer brush makes it easier to press it on to the lid instead of sweeping it, which can create streaks. I then used a combination of a marine green/blue shade and a light teal blue on my outer corner. I used the contour brush and dipped it first in the light teal blue (4 rows in from the left, top color) and then dipped it in the marine green/blue (3 rows in, 7 colors down). I lightly applied it to my outer corner in a "V" shape (work the brush from the corner of your eye up slightly into the crease and then down along your lashline, basically a sideways "V"). Then I swept a lighter, shimmery orange over my brow bone and inner corner (7 rows over from the left, 4 colors down). After this I applied a cream eye liner in "Coffee" $3.00 using the eyeliner brush ($1.00) from the Essential line in a very, very thin line on my upper lash line. Then I lined the water line (that's the inner rim of your eye between your eyeball and lashes) with the same light teal blue and marine green/blue color combination for added pop using the small angled brush from the Studio line $3.00. I finished up with mascara and filled in my brows!

It's a really pretty spring/summery look and can be worn with almost any color clothing since it's so versatile. If you need any more direction/assistance in recreating this look, feel free to comment or e-mail at Also, as always, I'd love to see your version of these looks or even your own look!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Want fuller lips? Here's how:

Hey ladies! Now I'm sure you see all the celebrities getting lip injections to get those full, luscious lips! While there's no long term solution besides that, there are tricks you can do to make them look full all day! It goes without saying that there are lip treatments and lip glosses that are made to plump your lips. Some of these work and some do literally nothing. I've never been a big fan of plumping glosses because I find the tingling annoying and sometimes painful and I find most of these glosses are very drying.

There are ways though to make your lips appear fuller by using these little tricks!

1. Always, always, always wear gloss. Gloss is shiny and wet looking which immediately makes your lips appear hydrated, full, and supple.
2. Take a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone around your lips and blend into the rest of your face makeup. This will make your lips appear more pronounced, give you a border when applying lip colors, and will prevent any discoloration that can occur around your lips from taking away from your desired look.
3. Color in your entire lip with a lip pencil. This will give your lip shape definition which again makes them appear fuller and more pronounced. This also mutes your natural lip shade, allowing all lip colors to show their true pigment. Lastly, it is like a magnet and will give your lip color much longer wear.
4. Add a lighter, reflective gloss to the center of your lower lip and upper lip. I usually use a sheer, gold gloss with reflective pigment in it. It gives your lips more dimension and the reflective appearance makes them fuller. Let's face it: A shiny, sparkly white dress is going to make your butt look bigger than a sleek black dress. The lighter and more shiny the product, the fuller your lips will be.

*Always make sure to find a flattering shade though! This is easiest by knowing your skin tone (warm, cool, or neutral) and matching it to your eye makeup so they're not fighting for attention, making you look over done.

*Want whiter looking teeth?? Go Blue. Certain lip colors, like reds and pinks, can be made with blue undertones and they will make your teeth appear whiter. If you want to wear a different color or just a sheer gloss, you can buy a blue lip gloss, which appears clear on, and this will make your teeth look  much whiter ... and your lips fuller since it's gloss! 2 for 1 deal! :)

NYX cosmetics makes a blue lip gloss for $4.50

So now you know easy, inexpensive ways to give you the perfect smile without a trip to the plastic surgeon's or the dentist's! Enjoy those beautiful, luscious, have-to-kiss-them lips!

Finally .. the beginning of my e.l.f. look reviews for you!

So last night, my husband took me out for "date night" .. which essentially had to be mostly errands and then walking around King of Prussia mall and grabbing some food. A side point: my daughter is NOT going to walk around malls at 12 years old at 9 at night .. and in skimpy clothes!

Anyway, I used my entire brush collection from e.l.f. last night and was extremely happy with all the brushes. Not one bristle came out and they all deposited the makeup evenly. I also used the cheek color I blogged about before with the "Golden Peach" $1 and Cosmic Coral $3. I used the lip color I posted with the swatches on my hand with the "Nearly Nude" $3 and the "Ballet Slippers" $3.

I used the 100 piece eye shadow collection from the Studio line, which I already had to create my eye look. I used the MAC Paint Pot in "Painterly", as always, for my eye shadow base. I've had it for forever and a day and I still have yet to reach the bottom, wearing it EVERY TIME I do my eye makeup so for $14, it's more than paid itself off and I can count on it always working.

I then followed up with the matte hot pink shadow with eye shadow brush "C" and applied that to my lid from lash line to the crease, then worked it up just slightly into the crease. Then I applied the matte black color to my  outer corner of my eye and slightly into my crease, using the "contour brush" and softened it using the "blending brush". The hot pink came up very vividly, but putting the black on top looked VERY purple until I layered it. Once I layered it, it still had a purple tint in some lights, but it was much closer to the look I was trying to recreate, a limited edition 4 color palette from Lancome. (Their palettes have changed and now have 5 colors, for $49 according to Then I swept the light, shimmery pink over my brow bone with the "blending eye brush" and then in my inner corner down around to just under my eye. Then I followed up with the "contour brush" and lightly applied some black under the outer corner of my eye.

I applied black eyeliner on my lash line and followed up with a volumizing mascara. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my e.l.f. eye brow kit, so in the mean time I used a taupe pencil I already had to fill in my brows.

It's quite an easy look to do even though I know it can be intimidating with such vivid colors, but play around with it at home and get comfortable with it and before long, you'll be recreating this look too! And if you have any questions or need more specific directions, just ask! Feel free to post pictures of your own version of this look with your comments!

Visit e.l.f. cosmetics to order any of these goodies today!
And, the 50% off coupon code is still good so for half off all Studio line products (which is everything I listed except the "Golden Peach" cheek color from the Essential Line for $1).
The code: ECD2

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

e.l.f. Lips & Cheeks

Hey there, fellow elfettes! Or to my other beautiful readers who want to learn about the brand! Here's a quickie review on the lip colors and cheek colors I just got! I've only actually worn the one posted below on my lips, but I'll include a picture of the lip glosses over the lipstick done in swatches on my hand as well as 2 cream cheek colors I combined on my hand as well. I'll post a better review of them once I actually put them on my face (which will probably begin this weekend!).

Above: The lip gloss swatches on top of lipstick
All of the glosses are on top of e.l.f. Matte Lip Color in "nearly nude" $3.00
From top to bottom:
1. e.l.f. Glossy Gloss in "Ballet Slippers" $5.00
2. e.l.f. Glitter Gloss in "Glam Guava" $5.00
3. e.l.f. Glossy Gloss in "Merry Cherry" (this looks much more red in person) $5.00
4. e.l.f. Glossy Gloss in "Tangy Tangerine" $5.00
5. e.l.f. Hypershine Gloss in "Flirt" $1.00

The Glitter Gloss is on the thicker side and you can feel the actual glitter pieces (#2), but is still pretty. The Hypershine Gloss is also very thick and much stickier (#5) than the others, but for only $1, it's not too bad. Also the Hypershine Gloss was a free gift I received for providing 3 e-mail addresses of friends during my order, so I certainly won't complain about something free!

Above: The e.l.f. Body Shimmer in "Cosmic Coral" $3.00 on top of e.l.f. All Over Color Stick in "Golden Peach" $1.00

I know it's not a great picture, but the combination is a golden peachy pink with a shimmer to it (not glittery) and they are both best applied with a foundation brush in my experience. I run the foundation brush on top of the actual product, then stipple (tap it gently) on my cheek bones until I achieve the desired concentration of color on top of face make-up.

Visit e.l.f. cosmetics today to place your order! There's always deals & specials going on so it's never a bad time to buy!

The Beginning of my e.l.f. Order Product Reviews

So my order arrived!! I was so excited to open it, but since it was such a nice day, the hubby & I took our Zoe to the playground in our neighborhood and she had her first swing and first time down the slide (strapped to me of course since she's only 11 weeks lol) so it was slightly delayed (well worth it :)!) Anyway, the box is opened and I'm beginning to try my products and here is the first review:

I purchased a lipstick and lip gloss to wear together to get a cute baby pink look. Desired look ... achieved! I was so happy! Every time I buy a specific lipstick or lip gloss that's the color I'd like it to actually show up as, it never does. And trying to get the perfect look combining products takes practice, so if you're looking for a nude-type, light, baby pink lip, here it is: and for under $10.

Lipstick: e.l.f. mineral lipstick in "natural nymph"- $5.00
- It's a matte nude lipstick that is on the drier side, so it doesn't smear when worn with lip gloss. It's a very pretty color and completely hides my lip color, which I need to do when wearing a lighter shade since my lips are naturally pretty pigmented, but I don't think I'd wear it on its own. It's definitely perfect for wearing under any gloss though since it'll entirely hide your lip color and give you a blank canvas for any gloss and allow glosses to show up more vividly.

Lip gloss: e.l.f. glossy gloss in "ballet slippers"- $3.00
- The website makes it look like a very, very light nude, but that is not how it actually appears. However, it's exactly what I was looking for and is very pretty! It's a soft, sheer baby pink that doesn't show up as much color on my lips without being worn with the above mentioned lipstick. When worn together though, it's perfect! It makes the perfect baby pink lip! Also, the gloss is very shiny and makes the lips look wet, which I like, but simply dabbing your lips with your ring finger can tame that to make it look a little drier. It's not at all sticky, which I was afraid of since the website reviews seemed pretty split down the middle concerning how sticky it was. So don't worry - sticky mess free! Oh, and I love that the applicator is a little brush instead of a wand, which I always prefer!

Plenty of more reviews coming on the rest of my order, but here's the one so far!
e.l.f.'s website

e.l.f. 100% all natural mineral lipstick in natural nymph

e.l.f. glossy gloss in ballet slippers

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Looks

Easter is less than a month away and even if you don't celebrate Easter, it's almost Spring clothes & make-up look time! What are your plans for your make-up look for Easter/Spring? Let me know if you like to go nude & natural with your make-up look, if you prefer pretty pastels, or if you like to look bright and sunny like the weather in pinks, purples, blues, and greens that are brighter and say HELLO! Post pictures of your look if you'd like or just let us know what your thing is! Can't wait to hear from you!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Poll Ending on 3/12/12

Thanks so much for voting & giving your opinions! Skin care & make-up products tied for top choice of reviews, followed by hair care. Make-up applicators received no votes so I'll limit that unless I find a great product or value I think you'd appreciate.

*New Poll* is up today and is running until 11:59 PM on March 22. Let me know about your skin type so I can gear product reviews and recommendations based on my readers' more common skin concerns. Thanks again for your participation in the previous poll and as always, I'd love to hear more from you!

Always feel free to comment with any thoughts, opinions, questions or concerns ... or even tips of your own! I get e-mails every time a comment is posted so I should always be able to respond within 24 hours max, assuming miss Zoe allows it! :) Take care & stay beautiful!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big Rich Texas on Style!

So I've been watching Jerseylicious since its first season, and recently started watching Big Rich Texas since it comes on right after and I had an hour limbo between Jerseylicious and Khloe & Lamar. In tonight's episode, Bonnie renews her vows and her daughter, Whitney, gets her month banishment from the country club lifted for that one day to come. Now this blog isn't a television show review, so why am I mentioning it? Make-up obviously!

Jerseylicious sort of just goes without saying. It's about make-up artists and hair stylists in a salon atmosphere. I've recommended Ice Loves Coco because it's a super sweet show, but Coco also has a hell of a beauty routine and does her make-up really well! Now Big Rich Texas is about a group of rich women and their daughters and the drama of their lives. I'm not necessarily recommending the show since I just started watching it and it seems to be a lot like watching a moving train-wreck sometimes, but it does have its cosmetic benefits.

Whitney and her mom, Bonnie, both clearly love make-up. They always have it done, sometimes over the top nighttime looks for yoga class, but I'll give them credit for sticking to their looks! But the point of this blog is Whitney's lip color at her mom's vow renewal. The theme was "corps bride" like Tim Burton style, so the outfits were all black and it was very Gothic themed. Whitney wore a cute little black top hat above her big, Barbie blonde curls, with a dark smokey eye. Her lip color, though, was GORGEOUS! It was a ruby red lip .. like if they liquefied Dorothy's shoes in The Wizard of Oz. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I'm not sure if she found a lip gloss (because it was clearly gloss) that was amazingly pigmented with such high shine and shimmer, or if she used a clear gloss with shimmery red pigment. Either way, it was stunning. I'm going to have to try to recreate that look and see what I can get!

There doesn't seem to be pictures up yet, so I'll post one when I find one. But if you get a chance to catch the show, watch! It's worth it to see the lip color. I'm psyched for like The 4th of July and Christmas to rock that look!

Coconut Oil, Great Find for Hair, Skin, and Body!

My mom, Patty, has a subscription to First magazine, which she passes on to me (or to my grand-mom then me, depending on the issue lol) when she's finished. It has a bunch of great recipes and cute craft ideas, but a lot of times there's an article or two about a good find for your skin or hair.

I read an article a few months ago that talked about an array of great uses for coconut oil. So based on that, I tried the Palmer's Coconut Oil Protein Pack and Hair Milk, which I still LOVE! But it did say to use about 2 tbsp of pure coconut oil from the grocery store to revive and strongly hydrate dull, dry winter hair. Also, it said if massaged onto the scalp, it can help severely cut down on dandruff & psoriasis.

My hair is naturally dull & dry, and I'm in the process of lightening it from black so I need all the hydration I can get. My poor hubby has psoriasis, which is a big pain in the butt! It's itchy and causes sometimes painful, red irritation on the scalp and around the hair line. This also causes flaking, which gets uncomfortable and annoying for him.

We've been very happy with the Palmer's products, but since the magazine did recommend straight coconut oil, I figured we'd give it a try and I'm so happy we did! I massaged it on to my ends of my hair first and then through my whole head while my hair was dry, then let it sit for 30 minutes. I shampooed it out and followed with normal conditioner. My hair instantly was smoother and softer. It's less frizzy and looks like it has more life! It just feels great and I don't feel the need to run and put in a whole bunch of product!

My husband, Justin, said his hair feels great too, but he was blessed with naturally soft, perfect hair. His issue, psoriasis, though seems to be doing better so far! He said his scalp is not at all itchy and the flaking is greatly reduced. Normally, it gets itchy right after a shower from being hot in the bathroom, but so far so good!

An idea I came up with and tried too was a deep conditioning treatment for the skin. Justin does outdoor work all day and is constantly on his feet so they get rough and dry and callused. I used to dance and went to Catholic school for 12 years and had to wear their awful uniform shoes, so my feet are dry and callused as well. I gave us a each a little home-pedicure and then massaged the coconut oil into the bottom of our feet, focusing on the very dry and callused areas. I also massaged it on the entire foot and ankle then covered it with socks. We left the socks on for about an hour to an hour and a half, basically until the oil had soaked in completely. We were both left with soft skin and softened calluses. Our entire feet and ankles were very well hydrated and looked really soft and supple.

First magazine also lists coconut oil as a help to lose weight since coconut oil contains MCFA which make liver cells to burn fat "50% faster than normal" by adding only 2 tbs of it to your diet every day. It also helps your white blood cells fight infection so it can cut down on colds and the flu by adding 3 tbs daily. Aside from hydrating the skin, it can help heal irritated skin. According to First magazine, "Almost 60% of women struggle with dry skin patches, rashes, and more pronounced fine lines and wrinkles as a result of harsh cold weather. Dabbing coconut oil on trouble spots twice daily can conquer winter woes in a week." Also they say that the lauric acid in coconuts can kill pimple-causing bacteria! It can help reduce fatigue by consuming 2 tbs a day by kicking up your thyroid gland. Lastly, and this is a little private for women, but a nifty tidbit! It can relieve feminine dryness and can help ward off vaginal infections because the oil is both antifungal and antimicrobial. *Be careful with this tip though, the oil damages LATEX so do NOT use with condoms or diaphragms.* 

Basically it's a miracle product with its amazing benefits for your body and health inside and out! Give it a try & let me know how it works for you & what you end up using it for!

I purchased mine from Walmart for about $6.00 from LouAna brand. It's out of stock online right now, but try in store!

This article can be found in First magazine in the January 2, 2012 issue on pgs. 22-23.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


e.l.f. order is placed and on its way! Stay tuned for reviews on a bunch of their products like brushes, eye shadow palettes, face mist, cleansing wipes, lotion wipes ... and more! The 48 hour 50% sale ends tomorrow morning so hurry up and get your orders in! If you miss out though, they do have specials going on until the 12th, like "pick any 10 Essential ($1) products and only pay shipping" and "6 free Essential lip care items when you spend $25". Also, the code "TAF20" will give you 20% off your entire total so don't be too bummed if you miss the big sale; there's still plenty of deals & discounts to be had!

Just remember, only one coupon/deal code per order so you have to decide which deal best suits your particular needs! Enjoy ladies and let me know what goodies you order and how you like them once they arrive!

Friday, March 9, 2012

e.l.f. Update!! Big Sale!!

If you hurry up and sign up on e.l.f.'s website for e-mail alerts, you should receive a coupon code for 50% of all Studio products up to $100 off! It's an amazing deal on already low prices and the e-mail I received said it is a "once a year special" so hurry up and get in on that. Also, it's only a 48 hour sale! Definitely a great time to try the products if you've never used them before because it's even less of an investment on your part!

*Their standard shipping rate is $6.95 regardless of purchase price so a lot of reviewers said they get together with friends/family/co-workers so they split the shipping and only end up spending $2-$3.

If you get a chance to place your order, comment and let me know what you get & what you think of the products when they arrive!

e.l.f. (eyes lips face) make-up

Some of you may have heard of this make-up brand, some of you may have not. It's sold in some Target and K-Mart Stores, but its full line can be found online at I've tried a few products here and there from Target, a lip gloss and an eye shadow brush. Now if you have heard of them or if you go to look it up, you may be shocked by their price. Yes, they sell a full line of make-up, brushes & tools, nail color and care, and some skin care treatments, and most of their products range from $1-$8.00 max! Their primer is only $6, as well as their foundation and HD powder. They sell an array of nail polish colors for $2 and brushes from $1 to $3.

They have three different lines within their brand: Studio, Mineral, Essential. Studio is for the more experienced make-up artists, mineral is all natural, paraben free, etc., and the Essential line is for girls just starting out and just learning and playing with make-up. I've purchased from both the Studio and Essential lines in store and have been literally SHOCKED by the quality of these items since they're priced so low. Coming from high-end department store brands (and prices), I just had no idea that products, especially online/drug store products, could have similar quality at like almost an 1/8 of the price, or less!

They have an 11 piece brush set with an array of brushes from eye to face with a pouch in the Studio Collection for only $30. They sell a Studio Make-up Artist Brush Belt which can be found in other make-up stores and department store brands for $30-$60. They also offer a FANTASTIC "Custom" option for their Essential and Studio lines. The Essential line's Custom option similar to a very popular make-up brand found in department stores, in which you buy a palette and select 4 items to go in. You can choose from single eye shadows, cheek/face colors, or lip colors. The actual palette is only $1, unlike the other brands who charge $5-$10 just for the actual palette and again, only $1 for each individual color.

The Studio Collection's custom palette allows you to choose from a single palette case or a 3-Palette storage case. From there, you can select from 10 different choices. Each one contains a set of complimentary colors including 8 eye shadows, 2 lip colors, and 1 cheek/overall color. The single case is $3 and the 3-Palette case is $6, with each insert costing only $3 for all that listed above in bold. That is an incredible deal!!!

They offer sets and kits pre-made in make-up, like just eye colors, eye liners, or lip glosses, as well as "beauty box" kit ideas that have an array of products. It's also really neat how when you click online to look at a specific item, it tells you the magazines it has been featured in and shows you the ad/page, gives you ingredients/directions, a video on the product and/or how to use it, and tons of reviews from customers.

The other great thing e.l.f.'s website offers is coupon codes. They can be found online and actually pop up for you as you're shopping to get 10-20% off depending on how much you spend, 6 free Essential lip colors, free shipping, and many more. They also e-mail you special deals and a heads-up on upcoming sales if you submit your e-mail address at the bottom of the page. They have standard shipping for $6.95 regardless of order size so that's perfect if you save up and order all at once. It seems to take up to 2 full weeks for this shipping option though, so if you can't wait to have you're make-up, you can choose a faster option which looks at your location and weight of the items. However, at such low prices for the actual items, it's still an amazing deal!

I've been happy with the handful of products I've tried, and already have a cart full, ready to be ordered soon! I'll be back with reviews on specific products once I've tried them, but I'm definitely excited to give them a go since it's not a huge investment if something doesn't work out for me! Again, so far so good on what I've tried!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Promised Post: Stretch Mark Eliminator!

Okay, so finally this post is here! I'm sure you've all seen the commercials and magazine ads out lately for Palmer's line of Stretch Mark creams for pregnancy. They generally show an actress with her belly out who doesn't have a stitch of a stretch mark, so not exactly the most compelling ad. Secondly, my tummy didn't look as good as her 9 month pregnant belly did before I got pregnant so I guess I'm screwed, right? Not quite. It doesn't literally make them disappear, but it does make a big difference!

This cream also isn't only for stretch marks from pregnancy. It's worked on other ones as well. From my pregnancy I got stretch marks around my belly button and my hips. My hips were much darker and longer, but the cream has greatly diminished both for me. I also had a few behind my knee that I HATED! I went to a Catholic high school and our early fall and spring uniforms were a skort and knee highs. Super ideal for walking up the stairs with hundreds of people behind you and hoping your marks aren't visible. Luckily for me, I got out of high school, almost immediately started working in cosmetics as a beauty adviser and learned how to embrace my flaws. We all have them, ladies. From the skinny mini beauties who hate that they don't have the butt they'd pick or the size boobs they want to the voluptuous, curvy vixens who may or may not embrace their va-va-voom hourglass because it may come with stretch marks or make clothes shopping difficult, we all have something we hate. But we're not alone in that! Women need to stop hating on each other for what we don't have because she's probably mutually wishing she had something you did. Embrace and support each other, girls, because not to sound stupidly cliche, you're all gorgeous! And no one is going to see you for the beauty you are, until you embrace it and rock what you got!

Anyway, enough of my mini lecture ;), this stretch mark cream almost completely removed the ones behind my knees and they were over 8 years old! So don't worry if your pregnancy is years in the past or your stretch marks have been there for awhile, this will still help. Don't expect an overnight disappearing act and you have to faithfully apply at least daily, but it will make a difference. It's great paired with the Nivea lotion I blogged about a few posts ago, because while the Palmer's cream is removing your stretch marks, the Nivea lotion will tighten and firm the skin. The combination is what I've been using and I've been really happy with it.

For those mama's out there who are hating on their stretch marks & embarrassed by them, I hope this helps or at least makes you smile (and maybe tear up, damn hormones!):
Pinned Image

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Stretch Mark Massage Cream can be found at Walmart in a 2-pack for $9.00-$10.00. The 2-pack is worth it; you definitely will go through it!

P.S.- If you have a hunnie, tell them it's a massage cream ... so get to massaging! ;)

Feedback :)

I'd like to know my reader's thoughts on my posts so far. Do you enjoy the reviews the way they are? I mainly post positive reviews on things I've tried and liked, but would you prefer some reviews on things I've tried and didn't like? Let me know any thoughts you have on my posts, topics, or opinions, like if you've tried a product I've reviewed and it has worked for you too or even if it didn't work for you and why. I love writing this blog for me, but I also really enjoy sharing products that fix concerns and problems for me and I hope they'll help you too!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Surprise Uses for a Popular Skin Care Product

So has anyone ever used tanning lotions or creams at home and gotten weird, dark, sometimes orange color deposits on their elbows or knees? How about those weird lines that show up around the edges of your feet when you try to tan your feet for flip flops and sandals? Or have you ever forgotten to wash your hands or even not washed them good enough so your hands are stained oompa-loompa orange? I know a product to fix all of this.

Now how about paint? Have you ever painted a room and gotten some on your skin or nails that despite your best attempts at scrubbing or using nail polish remover just stay on? And of course this happens when you have a date or an event in a few days and "rubber ducky yellow" or "mauve over pink" paint stains don't quite match the planned outfit. That same product will take this off too.

Oh, and how about those annoying band-aid marks? Don't you love when you pull off the band-aid and in the center is your almost gone wound, but you're left with two ugly, sticky squares on either side? Well, we can get rid of that right away too. (And no Brillo pads needed!)

Now I should mention this product is used for skin care, but not for the average skin. Clinique has a 3-Step Skin Care system that range from 1-4. 1 is for dry, sensitive skin. 2 is for most people. It's the average skin type for people with "combination skin", typically meaning dry to comfortable in the cheeks and an oily t-zone. 3 is for people with more oily skin who have comfortable to oily cheeks and a very oily t-zone. These people tend to always have a stray blemish or two and as one leaves another arrives. But 4 is for a very specific person. You must be oily all over, acne prone, with constant breakouts, usually in clusters and sometimes even have boils. Obviously skin type 4's system is rather harsh for the average person. The 3-Step system is a bar or liquid soap, a toner, and a moisturizer.

Clinique's step 2, the toner, in its 3-Step skin care in skin type 4 will remove tanning mistakes, paint stains, and band-aid marks pretty much instantly. Now keep in mind who it's for. Remember to wash the area after using it, and moisturize because it WILL dry out normal skin. (I, of course, would recommend the Nivea lotion I blogged about right beneath this post!) But you can order online or grab at your nearest department store Clinique counter a bottle of Clinique Clarifying Lotion 4. They come in two different sizes: 6.7 fl oz for $12.50 or 13.5 fl oz for $21.00.

Buy Clinique Clarifying Lotion 4 on Clinique's website.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Skin care is important everywhere ... so let's not forget the body!

They say the most neglected area on the body is the neck. There's body lotions and face lotions and most people don't bother with buying an individual neck cream. Personally, being 22, I generally bring down a little extra face lotion down on my neck to keep it hydrated. After working in the industry though, I will recommend investing in a problem-specific treatment if you feel your neck has particular issues: loose skin, sagging, age spots because our neck ages our look dramatically when you maintain your face but that thing holding up your face looks 10 years older.

However, back to the point of this blog, we need to remember our bodies. And yes, there are umpteen products claiming to hydrate, tone, firm, tan and more to your skin. But how in the hell do you know if it works? I know I've spent my fair share of time and money hoping these body lotions would do what they promised. I've had lotions promise a natural looking tan that either don't do a damn thing or stain you orange, not to mention your clothes, sheets, and towels. I've had lotions that stay way too greasy or feel like I didn't put a thing on. So now the good news. I found a great body lotion that hydrates and firms your skin with quick, noticeable results AT THE DRUG STORE! :) Listen, I'll spend me some money to keep my face looking and feeling right if it works, but I run through some body lotion so department store priced body lotion is not for me. You better be able to hide my stretch marks and make any cellulite disappear instantly for how often I'm going to have to replace it.

Back to the point ... my find is Nivea Skin Firming Moisturizer Q10 Plus. It is an extremely hydrating lotion that spreads well so you're not constantly re-pumping more out. It does definitely have a noticeable fragrance, but it's not too strong. I'm not a fan of overly fragrant products, but since it's not on my face and therefore not directly under my nose, it doesn't bother me. Plus, it's a pretty good smell. The best part for me is that this lotion instantly hydrates my skin and keeps it hydrated all day. Also, the firming part isn't a joke. It doesn't take 3 bottles to start to see results, let alone hoping you'll see any. The Q10 part of the name explains how it firms. According to Nivea's own website, it "restores what the skin has lost over time by replenishing the level of skin's own enzyme Co-Enzyme Q10 complex to help skin stay firm and younger looking." And this is true. Within just a few daily uses, I started noticing the skin on my thighs and booty :) (yay!) looking firmer and tighter. Basically it just looked smooth. And who doesn't want a smooth and firm butt? Nobody is the epitome of "bootylicious" when you're working with ugly skin on that behind. Also, it's been great in conjunction with my stretch mark cream I've been using since I had my daughter. I'll write about that next for all the other mommy's and those of us who have spot(s) on our body that to quote Katt Williams "were little and got big or was big and got little".

Just an aside, I really enjoy writing this blog to help women out who have things they are self conscious about, like stretch marks, that are awkward to talk about. Very few girls get away with going their whole lives without one, having a baby or not. If you were blessed with some big boobies a few might have shown up! You get something, I guess you gotta give a little! So I will happily share my experiences with products I've tried on my insecurities so you can give them a try knowing it worked for a regular person, not a celebrity in an airbrushed commercial because no women should be shy or self-conscious because your sexy and take advantage of the products available to make you happy with you!

Nivea Skin Firming Moisturizer Q10 Complex on

You can find this at Target for $8.49 on their website.