Sunday, March 18, 2012

Look #2 Using e.l.f. Cosmetics!

Hey, loves! Today, we went to NJ to visit my dad's mom & grandmom so we could take a 5 generation picture. We had my little Zobean who is 11 1/2 weeks, me (22 years old), my dad is 52, my grand-mom/his mom is 81 and my great-grandmom is 101! Super special picture! I was wearing a yellow dress so I knew I wanted to go with my tangerine lip and coral cheek so I decided to embrace a pixie look for my eyes that Ally at MAC had shown me a version of.

Again, I used the e.l.f. brushes and was still very satisfied. I cleaned the brushes last night with their brush cleaner (SUPER GREAT DEAL .. it is the Daily Brush Cleaner (8.5 oz) for only $3.00!) and used them again to apply my makeup today and still no bristles falling out!

I wore just my Cosmic Coral blush today, and wore the Mineral Lipstick in "Natural Nymph" $5.00 under the Glossy Gloss in "Tangy Tangerine" $3.00. The gloss does come up pretty pigmented when worn by itself too which surprised me so if you have to reapply and don't feel like doing both steps, the gloss will suffice.

Again, for my eyes, I wore my MAC paint pot in "Painterly" for my primer. I then used the e.l.f. studio silver box 100-piece classic eyeshadow palette for my eyes. I first applied a burnt orange color to my lid from lash line to crease using eyeshadow brush "C". From the left on this palette, it's 7 rows in and 6 colors down. This created a light shimmery tone so in order to create a little more pigment, I used the concealer brush and dipped it in the same color and quickly ran it under cool water. I made sure it wasn't too wet (dripping!) and then patted it on to my lid. Wetting shadows creates a deeper pigment and using a concealer brush makes it easier to press it on to the lid instead of sweeping it, which can create streaks. I then used a combination of a marine green/blue shade and a light teal blue on my outer corner. I used the contour brush and dipped it first in the light teal blue (4 rows in from the left, top color) and then dipped it in the marine green/blue (3 rows in, 7 colors down). I lightly applied it to my outer corner in a "V" shape (work the brush from the corner of your eye up slightly into the crease and then down along your lashline, basically a sideways "V"). Then I swept a lighter, shimmery orange over my brow bone and inner corner (7 rows over from the left, 4 colors down). After this I applied a cream eye liner in "Coffee" $3.00 using the eyeliner brush ($1.00) from the Essential line in a very, very thin line on my upper lash line. Then I lined the water line (that's the inner rim of your eye between your eyeball and lashes) with the same light teal blue and marine green/blue color combination for added pop using the small angled brush from the Studio line $3.00. I finished up with mascara and filled in my brows!

It's a really pretty spring/summery look and can be worn with almost any color clothing since it's so versatile. If you need any more direction/assistance in recreating this look, feel free to comment or e-mail at Also, as always, I'd love to see your version of these looks or even your own look!

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