Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big Rich Texas on Style!

So I've been watching Jerseylicious since its first season, and recently started watching Big Rich Texas since it comes on right after and I had an hour limbo between Jerseylicious and Khloe & Lamar. In tonight's episode, Bonnie renews her vows and her daughter, Whitney, gets her month banishment from the country club lifted for that one day to come. Now this blog isn't a television show review, so why am I mentioning it? Make-up obviously!

Jerseylicious sort of just goes without saying. It's about make-up artists and hair stylists in a salon atmosphere. I've recommended Ice Loves Coco because it's a super sweet show, but Coco also has a hell of a beauty routine and does her make-up really well! Now Big Rich Texas is about a group of rich women and their daughters and the drama of their lives. I'm not necessarily recommending the show since I just started watching it and it seems to be a lot like watching a moving train-wreck sometimes, but it does have its cosmetic benefits.

Whitney and her mom, Bonnie, both clearly love make-up. They always have it done, sometimes over the top nighttime looks for yoga class, but I'll give them credit for sticking to their looks! But the point of this blog is Whitney's lip color at her mom's vow renewal. The theme was "corps bride" like Tim Burton style, so the outfits were all black and it was very Gothic themed. Whitney wore a cute little black top hat above her big, Barbie blonde curls, with a dark smokey eye. Her lip color, though, was GORGEOUS! It was a ruby red lip .. like if they liquefied Dorothy's shoes in The Wizard of Oz. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I'm not sure if she found a lip gloss (because it was clearly gloss) that was amazingly pigmented with such high shine and shimmer, or if she used a clear gloss with shimmery red pigment. Either way, it was stunning. I'm going to have to try to recreate that look and see what I can get!

There doesn't seem to be pictures up yet, so I'll post one when I find one. But if you get a chance to catch the show, watch! It's worth it to see the lip color. I'm psyched for like The 4th of July and Christmas to rock that look!

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