Sunday, March 4, 2012

Skin care is important everywhere ... so let's not forget the body!

They say the most neglected area on the body is the neck. There's body lotions and face lotions and most people don't bother with buying an individual neck cream. Personally, being 22, I generally bring down a little extra face lotion down on my neck to keep it hydrated. After working in the industry though, I will recommend investing in a problem-specific treatment if you feel your neck has particular issues: loose skin, sagging, age spots because our neck ages our look dramatically when you maintain your face but that thing holding up your face looks 10 years older.

However, back to the point of this blog, we need to remember our bodies. And yes, there are umpteen products claiming to hydrate, tone, firm, tan and more to your skin. But how in the hell do you know if it works? I know I've spent my fair share of time and money hoping these body lotions would do what they promised. I've had lotions promise a natural looking tan that either don't do a damn thing or stain you orange, not to mention your clothes, sheets, and towels. I've had lotions that stay way too greasy or feel like I didn't put a thing on. So now the good news. I found a great body lotion that hydrates and firms your skin with quick, noticeable results AT THE DRUG STORE! :) Listen, I'll spend me some money to keep my face looking and feeling right if it works, but I run through some body lotion so department store priced body lotion is not for me. You better be able to hide my stretch marks and make any cellulite disappear instantly for how often I'm going to have to replace it.

Back to the point ... my find is Nivea Skin Firming Moisturizer Q10 Plus. It is an extremely hydrating lotion that spreads well so you're not constantly re-pumping more out. It does definitely have a noticeable fragrance, but it's not too strong. I'm not a fan of overly fragrant products, but since it's not on my face and therefore not directly under my nose, it doesn't bother me. Plus, it's a pretty good smell. The best part for me is that this lotion instantly hydrates my skin and keeps it hydrated all day. Also, the firming part isn't a joke. It doesn't take 3 bottles to start to see results, let alone hoping you'll see any. The Q10 part of the name explains how it firms. According to Nivea's own website, it "restores what the skin has lost over time by replenishing the level of skin's own enzyme Co-Enzyme Q10 complex to help skin stay firm and younger looking." And this is true. Within just a few daily uses, I started noticing the skin on my thighs and booty :) (yay!) looking firmer and tighter. Basically it just looked smooth. And who doesn't want a smooth and firm butt? Nobody is the epitome of "bootylicious" when you're working with ugly skin on that behind. Also, it's been great in conjunction with my stretch mark cream I've been using since I had my daughter. I'll write about that next for all the other mommy's and those of us who have spot(s) on our body that to quote Katt Williams "were little and got big or was big and got little".

Just an aside, I really enjoy writing this blog to help women out who have things they are self conscious about, like stretch marks, that are awkward to talk about. Very few girls get away with going their whole lives without one, having a baby or not. If you were blessed with some big boobies a few might have shown up! You get something, I guess you gotta give a little! So I will happily share my experiences with products I've tried on my insecurities so you can give them a try knowing it worked for a regular person, not a celebrity in an airbrushed commercial because no women should be shy or self-conscious because your sexy and take advantage of the products available to make you happy with you!

Nivea Skin Firming Moisturizer Q10 Complex on

You can find this at Target for $8.49 on their website.

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