Saturday, March 17, 2012

Want fuller lips? Here's how:

Hey ladies! Now I'm sure you see all the celebrities getting lip injections to get those full, luscious lips! While there's no long term solution besides that, there are tricks you can do to make them look full all day! It goes without saying that there are lip treatments and lip glosses that are made to plump your lips. Some of these work and some do literally nothing. I've never been a big fan of plumping glosses because I find the tingling annoying and sometimes painful and I find most of these glosses are very drying.

There are ways though to make your lips appear fuller by using these little tricks!

1. Always, always, always wear gloss. Gloss is shiny and wet looking which immediately makes your lips appear hydrated, full, and supple.
2. Take a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone around your lips and blend into the rest of your face makeup. This will make your lips appear more pronounced, give you a border when applying lip colors, and will prevent any discoloration that can occur around your lips from taking away from your desired look.
3. Color in your entire lip with a lip pencil. This will give your lip shape definition which again makes them appear fuller and more pronounced. This also mutes your natural lip shade, allowing all lip colors to show their true pigment. Lastly, it is like a magnet and will give your lip color much longer wear.
4. Add a lighter, reflective gloss to the center of your lower lip and upper lip. I usually use a sheer, gold gloss with reflective pigment in it. It gives your lips more dimension and the reflective appearance makes them fuller. Let's face it: A shiny, sparkly white dress is going to make your butt look bigger than a sleek black dress. The lighter and more shiny the product, the fuller your lips will be.

*Always make sure to find a flattering shade though! This is easiest by knowing your skin tone (warm, cool, or neutral) and matching it to your eye makeup so they're not fighting for attention, making you look over done.

*Want whiter looking teeth?? Go Blue. Certain lip colors, like reds and pinks, can be made with blue undertones and they will make your teeth appear whiter. If you want to wear a different color or just a sheer gloss, you can buy a blue lip gloss, which appears clear on, and this will make your teeth look  much whiter ... and your lips fuller since it's gloss! 2 for 1 deal! :)

NYX cosmetics makes a blue lip gloss for $4.50

So now you know easy, inexpensive ways to give you the perfect smile without a trip to the plastic surgeon's or the dentist's! Enjoy those beautiful, luscious, have-to-kiss-them lips!

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