Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Beginning of my e.l.f. Order Product Reviews

So my order arrived!! I was so excited to open it, but since it was such a nice day, the hubby & I took our Zoe to the playground in our neighborhood and she had her first swing and first time down the slide (strapped to me of course since she's only 11 weeks lol) so it was slightly delayed (well worth it :)!) Anyway, the box is opened and I'm beginning to try my products and here is the first review:

I purchased a lipstick and lip gloss to wear together to get a cute baby pink look. Desired look ... achieved! I was so happy! Every time I buy a specific lipstick or lip gloss that's the color I'd like it to actually show up as, it never does. And trying to get the perfect look combining products takes practice, so if you're looking for a nude-type, light, baby pink lip, here it is: and for under $10.

Lipstick: e.l.f. mineral lipstick in "natural nymph"- $5.00
- It's a matte nude lipstick that is on the drier side, so it doesn't smear when worn with lip gloss. It's a very pretty color and completely hides my lip color, which I need to do when wearing a lighter shade since my lips are naturally pretty pigmented, but I don't think I'd wear it on its own. It's definitely perfect for wearing under any gloss though since it'll entirely hide your lip color and give you a blank canvas for any gloss and allow glosses to show up more vividly.

Lip gloss: e.l.f. glossy gloss in "ballet slippers"- $3.00
- The website makes it look like a very, very light nude, but that is not how it actually appears. However, it's exactly what I was looking for and is very pretty! It's a soft, sheer baby pink that doesn't show up as much color on my lips without being worn with the above mentioned lipstick. When worn together though, it's perfect! It makes the perfect baby pink lip! Also, the gloss is very shiny and makes the lips look wet, which I like, but simply dabbing your lips with your ring finger can tame that to make it look a little drier. It's not at all sticky, which I was afraid of since the website reviews seemed pretty split down the middle concerning how sticky it was. So don't worry - sticky mess free! Oh, and I love that the applicator is a little brush instead of a wand, which I always prefer!

Plenty of more reviews coming on the rest of my order, but here's the one so far!
e.l.f.'s website

e.l.f. 100% all natural mineral lipstick in natural nymph

e.l.f. glossy gloss in ballet slippers

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