Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Foundation Brush- Necessary or Talked-up?

When I worked in the cosmetic department of a major department store, one of the many common questions I'd get were "Are foundation brushes really necessary?". While most quality foundation brushes range from $25-$60, it's an understandable question, especially for people who have been applying make-up for years with their fingers or a sponge applicator. So from personal experience and professional training here's the honest scoop:

A foundation brush will make a big difference in the quality and longevity of your make-up. There are decent ones in the drug store, but even Ulta or Sephora brands are well made and not quite as expensive as the make-up brand ones. There are also the choices of synthetic or natural hairs. Also, there's all different types of foundation brushes: powder foundation, liquid foundation (multiple brushes exist for liquid as well), or mineral foundations, not to mention different coverage options available.

Many girls don't understand why their foundation doesn't look the way it looked when they had it done or why half way through their day it's shiny or coming off. While primer (which I'll post about later) can be the problem, the application method is very important to consider too. Here's a few reasons why a foundation brush is better:

-Foundation brushes don't absorb foundation like a sponge applicator does; therefore giving an even distribution over the face and not wasting foundation by soaking it up before it even has the chance to be applied. (Money Saver $$)
-Our fingers have natural oils in them and not only are you spreading those oils onto your face (breakouts!), you're changing the composition of your foundation when the oils mix in. This is a big problem for people with already oily skin and can make the foundation formula separate or at the very least, lessen how long the foundation will hold up.
-The coverage is build-able, meaning if you apply a layer of foundation, but still need to cover problem areas a little more, the brush is the easiest way to do so.
-A brush can and should be cleaned after each use, and while this may seem like an extra step, it'll save you many other steps in the long run. A sponge cannot be washed and has built up oil and residue from repeated use and it's absorbent nature and your fingers have naturally occurring oils which can and will cause breakouts . This leads to needing face wash & moisturizers for oily to acne prone skin, spot treatments for blemishes, and concealer made for blemishes to correctly cover them and not aggravate the situation.

In the long run, foundation brushes will save you time and money and give you the look you hoped to get out of your foundation!

I recommend:
-MAC Duo Fiber Face Brush #187 or MAC Short Duo Fiber Brush #130 (for more precise, full coverage) $42 each
-Smashbox Foundation Brush #13 $29
-Sephora Collection I.T. has a Foundation brush for $30 and a brush similar to the MAC #130 for $11 (it's a little smaller though)
-Lastly, for the girls on a budget, Target sells E.L.F. make-up and brushes very inexpensively. I've tried some of their make-up and it's really not bad, but I haven't yet tried the brushes. However, they have Face Brush 1801 ELF Foundation brush for only $1.00! Certainly not a big risk to take, but don't expect the same results as you'd get with the other brushes or the brush to last very long. Might be a good place to start though if you're not sure yet if a brush is for you.

Final answer- Definitely Necessary!

Philosophy "The Oxygen Peel"

I want to review this product first because it's one I'm so glad I found! I've tried many other skin care masks and scrubs, but there is nothing like this one out there. Its versatility, value, and effectiveness makes it one of my have-to-have skin care products. It's sold in any department stores that sell Philosophy, as well as Sephora and Ulta. It's usually $55, is recommended to be used weekly and comes with 10 uses, so for two & a half months worth of beautiful skin, it's a great deal!

It comes with little capsules of Catalase enzyme and a jar of oxygen foam. You first empty one capsule into the provided plastic cup with lid and fill about half way with warm water and shake well for 1-3 min and let it sit until gel forms. You spread the gel all over the face, avoiding the eye area and hairline. Then, you add about a teaspoon amount of the oxygen foam, massaging it all over the face. The gel and foam react together and allow it to sit for 1-3 min. Then, you simply "shave" it off with the little white, plastic stick included, splash off your face and you will be left with beautiful, luminous skin! (Philosophy also recommends using it 3 days in a row for a quick boost to refresh your skin, then use weekly from then on.)

I have normal to dry skin with redness, while my husband tends to be oily and sensitive and this product has worked wonders for us. My redness has been dramatically reduced and it keeps his skin oil free, but not dry and has greatly cut down on break outs!

Tax refunds are coming in so I'd strongly recommend this mini-splurge, since it's a heck of a lot cheaper than a facial and your skin will more than thank you for it (making your make-up look even better!).

Just saying hey :)

I firmly believe that all women are beautiful and that beauty can be enhanced and displayed for everyone to see with good skin care and correct color choice and make-up application. I also understand that for some people this doesn't come so easily and walking up to a counter with a big group of overly made-up girls can be intimidating. I figured this blog could be a benefit for both of us. :) I'm at home right now with a one month old baby girl and make-up and skin care are hobbies of mine. I can share with you my honest opinions on products from the drug store to the department store and break down a lot of the mixed messages out there today like: "Do I really need a foundation brush?" and "Is make-up primer just you trying to sell me another product?".

I found this quote and thought it was a perfect way to introduce this blog, so here it is: