Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Loving

Hello gorgeous! I know it has been so so so very long since I've written. Tons has gone on and I apologize for the delay! Let me give you a little update! My hubby started an AMAZING new job with Mercedes Benz :) and my baby girl, Zoe, is 18 months old today! Can you believe?! Time flies. We also found out just about 13 weeks ago that we are expecting our second baby!!! He/she is due at the SAME exact time Zoe was born so I get a second Christmas baby! Best Christmas gifts I could ask for! We moved our growing family into a new house out of an apartment so things are going very well! Well, but busy! I hope you're all doing well, staying beautiful, and enjoying all things beauty. I haven't abandoned my love of cosmetics at all, just been a bit busy to write.

While I have some time on this Saturday night, let me give you a little update on some products I am LOVING!


Shick Hydro Silk for Women. Love, love, love! It is a lot like Venus razors in that you buy a "starter kit" with a handle, shower/tub hanger, and a refill cartridge or 2. You also purchase refill packs in amounts of 4 or 8, like Venus ... but for A LOT LESS MONEY! First of all MAJOR BENEFIT is that Target offers Target coupons for Shick almost every month in the Sunday paper coupon inserts. Often you can find manufacturer coupons as well. Target lets you combine Target and manufacturer coupons for added savings! Also, they often have bonus times where a 4 pack of refills comes with an extra refill free!

At full price the starter kit is listed for $9.49 at Target, but you can often find a $1 or $2 Target coupon and a $1 or $2 manufacturer coupon to combine and end up with a $4 savings, paying only $5.49 for the starter kit. Beat that, Venus! The cartridge refills? Even better deals. You can save $8-$9 dollars combining coupons and the full price for refills is less than Venus's are and they rarely offer coupons and they are only manufacturer so no combining. They work just as well, last just as long. It has 5 blades, silk reconditioning strips, and is an all around great razor!


Olay Fresh Effects (Bead Me Up) Exfoliating Cleanser. Amazing face wash that combines the cleansing purpose of soap in that it removes dirt, makeup, and oil, but it also gently exfoliates too! The benefit to an exfoliating cleanser with beads is that they are man-made. Many people think apricot or sugar scrubs are best since they are natural, but there is a problem. Sand or sugar scrubs use rough, abrasive particles to remove dead skin. However, these particles are uneven with rough edges and make tiny cuts in your skin to remove the dead skin. Man-made beads are perfectly round and therefore massage your skin gently and remove skin safely and gently.

This cleanser is only $5.99 at Target and many $1.00 coupons are around! Give it a try!

Well that's all I have time for now, but I'll try to update more often! Thanks for your understanding, and of course your reading my posts!