Saturday, September 7, 2013

Free Giveaways and AMAZING STEALS!

This is just a quick little post about some great deals I noticed going on! I didn't want my fellow beauty lovers to miss out!


1. Bath & Body Works is giving away their newest Fall fragrance, Amber blush before it hits stores this weekend only! It's a .25 oz mini Eau De Toilette spray bottle, a $7.50 value! Simply "like" Bath & Body Works on Facebook and either print the image or save it to your phone and show it in stores, now through September 9th! I'll post the image below to help you out, but you can click the link of "Bath & Body Works on Facebook and it will take you right to their page for more info.

Nivea Lip Butter Loose Tin, Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss2. CVS has an amazing sale on Nivea lip butters! These are by far my favorite night time lip treatment for hydrating your lips and eliminating dry flakiness! They come in little tins in Smooth Kiss (unscented), Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss (my fave!),  Raspberry Rose Kiss, and Caramel Cream Kiss (my second fave)! Now these range in price but typically run $3.59 to $3.99 per tin. CVS has an upcoming sale starting Sunday of 3 Nivea Lip Butters for $6, making them $2.00 each! And on top of that, if you spend $10 on Nivea products, you get $3 ExtraBucks back when you use your CVS card! You can stock up for yourself or get some super early stocking stuffers or birthday party favors and by 6 lip butters for $12.00, earning you $3.00 in ExtraBucks to use on your next purchase. With those $3 free extrabucks back, your Nivea purchase is basically $9.00 for 6 lip butters, which would typically run you $21.54 at the low end and $23.94 on average. Super steal!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fabulous Fall

I know technically it isn't Fall just yet (September 22 .. counting down the days!), but let's face it: back to school is here and fall fashions are all over! Here's a look at what Fall has to offer us as far as makeup, nails, clothes, and more!


Lips are a big big focus this fall! Full color using a lipstick and/or lip liner under glosses or by themselves is key. Harper's Bazaar wants us to know that this season is about much more than just the classic red lip. Neutrals, cranberries, and sweet pinks are all the it-shades! Bazaar even tells us how to get "bright, full lips" this season. First, you have to find the perfect color for you. Visit a department store cosmetic counter when you have some time and play! Try on a bunch of different shades to find the right undertone for your complexion. They tell us that "most people look good in a shade of pink, from corals to blue pinks" so find the right one and look for reds with the same undertone. It is also super important to prime your lips to make sure the color lasts. It will also fill in fine lines and smooth out flakes. Bazaar advises us to avoid balms with a slippery or wet texture or else your color will slide off. They recommend using a waxy or matte primer that dries fully, foundation can work too! Also, it can be very helpful to use a lip pencil in the same shade as your lip color to line your lip line and fill in your lips. It will help hold on your lip color and give it its truest shade. Then apply lipstick using a brush. After you apply your first coat, blot then apply a second. Creamy formulas are best to make your lips look full and luscious; stains can make your lips look lined.

Face and skin are key to this season's makeup. Ensure your complexion is even and flawless. Prime, apply foundation, concealer, and highlighter to even your skin tone and make a perfect canvas to enhance with blush, eye color, and of course your lips! Bazaar also gives us some "overnight skin savers" since our skin naturally repairs itself overnight so it's important that your skin care maximizes this recovery. First, deep-clean your face. Basic soap just doesn't do it for your face since it doesn't fully remove makeup, dirt, and oil or exfoliate your skin. Also, don't forget your serum. It may seem like an extra, but when your skin is freshly clean a problem-solving serum can be the best thing to kick-start your natural overnight skin repairs. Lastly, don't skip moisturizer. Serum is very important, but it doesn't pack moisture like a hydrating lotion.

As far as color in your look, plum is the way to go! From eye color to lips and even plum based cheek color, you'll be perfectly in style for fall.


Gold accessories are the it-look! From purses to shoes to jewelry gold tones are everywhere.

Neutral colors, black and whites, soft pinks, and deep colors like fine wine, plum, and royal blue are all over the runways and magazines so pretty much anything goes this season as far as color. Just be sure to add the fall staples of gold jewelry, round shoulder jackets, long, skinny clutches, and so much more! Just check out the fashion magazines at your check-out counters or walk through the department store displays and be on the hunt for a "look for less" and I'll get you started!

Example: Gold heels and matching clutch

Womens Fioni NightWomen's Lolita Strappy SandalAccessories Fioni NightWomen's Twinkle Crossbody

Payless BOGO 50% Sale: Shoes $26.99, bag $16.99 (lesser item 50% off), $8.50

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bye Bye Summer

Hello loves! Hope all is well! It's been almost a month since my last post, so sorry! I have missed you so :)! Let me give you a little update about my hectic last month then I'll give you the beauty tips you're here for! Zoe is now just over 20 months and talking up a storm! She has learned so many new words and is looking like she is ready to begin potty training! We found out that our next little bundle on the way is a girl too! So far the plan is to name her Aubree Noelle, but the middle name is still not 100%. I will be having her via c-section Dec. 30 ... yes the day after Zoe was born! I have my Christmas presents every year ... my two little girls! Anyway, I have so many topics I'd like to cover since I haven't written in so long, but today is a short and simple one as a last little hoorah! to say goodbye to summer.

 Our topic for today is HAIR ... hair color that is. Summer is the season of blond. Whether natural blond is simply being lightened and brightened by the sun or we are dyeing our tresses a shade of that summertime color, it is common for most people to go lighter in warmer weather. However after enduring three months of sun, sand, chlorine, and so on of summer days that blond bombshell shade may just be looking a bit brassy now, which is NOT a good look! The UV rays everyone tries to soak up to get a nice bronzed tan also destroy blue pigments in color-treated hair, turning your locks to an orangey tinged shade according to First magazine. The fix that they recommend? A gloss that restores blue pigments, like L'Oreal Paris Colorist Secrets Brass Banisher for $10 at Ulta.

It is time to welcome in cooler nights, fall breezes, and to start thinking about an autumn beauty routine! Fix up that blond to make it fall-ready or start thinking about adding low-lights or going a slightly darker hue ... or take the plunge and go super dark and embrace the cool weather and the autumn fashions!

There are a lot of updates to what to look out for this Fall as well! From color trends to materials in clothing and accessories to makeup and nail polish shades, there is some new and exciting stuff coming our way! Keep an eye out for my Fall Fashion posts coming soon and possibly a somewhat in depth look at natural v. gel. v. acrylic nails and what really is best for you!

That's all for now loves! Thanks again for reading!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Facts vs. Myths on Why and How We Wrinkle

Everyone hates wrinkles. Whether we have yet to find the first little line on our face or are looking in the mirror wondering how all those fine lines and wrinkles got there, we all want to know how to make it stop. There are a million and one products and procedures advertised and marketed today claiming to stop the aging process, reverse the aging process, and more but what's real and what's full of crap? AND, are there any ways in our day to day lives (without forking out hundreds of dollars on this cream and that injection) that we can, if anything, delay the visible aging process? Here's a little general information on skin's aging that may just help. These were all tidbits from the Good Housekeeping magazine in November 2012 from an article entitled "What Really Stops a Wrinkle?" by Melanie Rud.

1. Do wrinkles tend to show up on side of the face verse the other? Yes, the left side, according to dermatologist Mona Gohara M.D., of Yale School of Medicine. "Collagen breakdown and wrinkling typically happen more rapidly on that side of the face for Americans." What is to blame? Driving! And don't think you're plenty safe if you always use the air conditioning and keep those windows up tight. "The sun's aging UVA rays penetrate the car's window glass." Therefore it is important to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen year round to defend your skin from those UVA rays even when you think you're "indoors".

2. Is there an ideal time during the year to start using a retinoid? Yes, there certainly is. Retinoid products are the "gold standard" in reducing those fine lines and wrinkles, but they can be irritating, especially to sensitive skins. It is ideal to begin using these products during Spring and Summer when the environment is moist and warm. You may find yourself extra sensitive to retinoids during the colder months with all the dry air pumping out and cold temperatures. However, retinoids can make your skin more sun sensitive so remember to always pair it with a daily SPF lotion.

3. Does your place or residence age you faster ... city vs country? Yes it does. City dwellers are constantly exposed to air pollutants which is a major factor in skin's aging according to a recent German study. Protection is simple though; wash your face each night to ensure the pollutants don't sit on your skin. Also, since we all know these pollutants are decreasing the protective ozone layer, using a daily antioxidant serum is ideal to protect your skin further. It is important to remember that the sun is always one of the leading causes of visible aging so living in sunny climates makes you more prone to visible aging so again, sun screen is key.

4. When is it best to apply the strongest anti-aging products? This by far is my favorite question. Countless women (and men) would ask me at my cosmetic counters why we had day and night creams. They felt as though it was merely a sales tactic to make more money and clutter up everyone's medicine cabinets with cream after cream. There is a simple, logical, and important reason to have a day AND a night cream/lotion/serum. First, day-specific creams will almost always have an SPF which is important and beneficial during the day for protecting your skin. However, your skin goes through different processes during the night and absorbing SPF in through your pores each night when you have no sun exposure is not healthy. Your skin cells work to repair themselves during the night and night time creams or no time specific treatments with anti-aging ingredients like retinoids, AHAs, or peptides are best applied at night. Also at night, you don't have the concern of these powerful (and typically pricier) products being diluted by daytime products like sunscreen and makeup.

5. Does using an exfoliating scrub often help to soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles? Not really. Over exfoliating can damage your skin and lead to excessive dryness which will actually make fine lines look more pronounced. However, appropriate amounts of exfoliation can maintain skin's glow and improve anti-aging treatments ability to penetrate the skin. Be sure to check the labels and use either a gentle daily exfoliator or a once-a-week scrub ... and don't mix them up! If you find your skin is too sensitive for any type of abrasive exfoliation, try a chemical exfoliant like moisturizing washes with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or chemical peel kits.

And finally a little cheat sheet from the article in Good Housekeeping to help you find the right moisturizer for your dry skin concerns since all dry skins are NOT the same!:

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Hey lady loves (and my style-conscious boys too)! Hope you had a great and safe 4th of July and are managing to stay cool in this crazy heat! I just had a little visit to Ulta today in Springfield mall and picked up a couple things I needed, but the sales are insane!!! I wanted to give my readers a little preview of what you can get during this sale in case you aren't signed up for their mailers. As a side point, go sign up! It's absolutely free and you just provide name, address, and phone number and they give you a little membership card. If you forget or lose your card though, no big deal because they can look up your membership by your phone number. Also, if you ever have a problem or need to return a product and lose your receipt, they can look up the transaction using your membership card/phone number. You also accumulate points towards free products and get their monthly mailers that always include a coupon like $3.50 off $10 or 20% an item.

Anyway ...ULTA sales are valid today, Sunday, July 7th through Saturday, July 27th!
  • Major sales on jumbo sizes of shampoos and conditioners. Buy the jumbo sizes for anywhere from $12.99 to $19.99 of select brands, but there is a huge variety! Also, you get a free pump with the purchase of any liters, which is a $3.00 value!
  • Select professional haircare and styling products like bigsexyhair, REDKEN, CHI, Wella, and more are buy 2, get 1 free and with any $20 haircare purchase, you get a free Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal .34oz (a $6 value!).
  • Ulta Beauty in a Flash Collection is now $19.99 (reg. $24.99). It's a 56 piece collection including 12 eye shadow palettes containing 48 shades, 3 blush shades, 1 bronzer, 2 dual-ended eye liner, 2 lip glosses, and more. The reusable case is perfect for tablets or netbooks or storing makeup.
  • Cover Girl, Physicians Formula, Neutrogena, NYX, Nutra Nail, Elegant Touch, Prestige Cosmetics, Palladio Cosmetics, Kardashian Beauty Collection, and Maybelline cosmetics lines are all buy 1, get 1 50% off.
  • The non "prestige" brands skincare is 15% off
  • And finally "Great Values from ULTA":
    • $1 ULTA Kohl or Smokey Eye Automatic Liners or Pencil Lip Liners (reg $7-8)
    • $2 ULTA Lip Crayon, Automatic Eye Liner, Precision Liquid Eye Liner, Salon Nail Lacquer, or Single Eye Shadow (reg $6-8)
    • $3 ULTA All Cheek Color, Extreme Wear Whipped Eye Shadow or Whipped Foundation (reg $7-12.50 and excludes bronzers)
    • $4 ULTA Baked Eye Shadow Duo & Trio, Extreme Wear Gel Eye Liner, Cream Eye Shadow, Glitter Eye Top Coat, Eye Crayon, Gel Eye Liner Pencil, Liquid Eye Liner, Eye Makeup Remover, Professional Nail, or All Lip Color (reg $6-10)
    • $5 ULTA Foundation, Pressed Powder, Concealer, Complete Eye Shadow Quad, or Mascara (reg $7-14)
    • $6 ULTA Face Primers (reg $12.50-18)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Loving

Hello gorgeous! I know it has been so so so very long since I've written. Tons has gone on and I apologize for the delay! Let me give you a little update! My hubby started an AMAZING new job with Mercedes Benz :) and my baby girl, Zoe, is 18 months old today! Can you believe?! Time flies. We also found out just about 13 weeks ago that we are expecting our second baby!!! He/she is due at the SAME exact time Zoe was born so I get a second Christmas baby! Best Christmas gifts I could ask for! We moved our growing family into a new house out of an apartment so things are going very well! Well, but busy! I hope you're all doing well, staying beautiful, and enjoying all things beauty. I haven't abandoned my love of cosmetics at all, just been a bit busy to write.

While I have some time on this Saturday night, let me give you a little update on some products I am LOVING!


Shick Hydro Silk for Women. Love, love, love! It is a lot like Venus razors in that you buy a "starter kit" with a handle, shower/tub hanger, and a refill cartridge or 2. You also purchase refill packs in amounts of 4 or 8, like Venus ... but for A LOT LESS MONEY! First of all MAJOR BENEFIT is that Target offers Target coupons for Shick almost every month in the Sunday paper coupon inserts. Often you can find manufacturer coupons as well. Target lets you combine Target and manufacturer coupons for added savings! Also, they often have bonus times where a 4 pack of refills comes with an extra refill free!

At full price the starter kit is listed for $9.49 at Target, but you can often find a $1 or $2 Target coupon and a $1 or $2 manufacturer coupon to combine and end up with a $4 savings, paying only $5.49 for the starter kit. Beat that, Venus! The cartridge refills? Even better deals. You can save $8-$9 dollars combining coupons and the full price for refills is less than Venus's are and they rarely offer coupons and they are only manufacturer so no combining. They work just as well, last just as long. It has 5 blades, silk reconditioning strips, and is an all around great razor!


Olay Fresh Effects (Bead Me Up) Exfoliating Cleanser. Amazing face wash that combines the cleansing purpose of soap in that it removes dirt, makeup, and oil, but it also gently exfoliates too! The benefit to an exfoliating cleanser with beads is that they are man-made. Many people think apricot or sugar scrubs are best since they are natural, but there is a problem. Sand or sugar scrubs use rough, abrasive particles to remove dead skin. However, these particles are uneven with rough edges and make tiny cuts in your skin to remove the dead skin. Man-made beads are perfectly round and therefore massage your skin gently and remove skin safely and gently.

This cleanser is only $5.99 at Target and many $1.00 coupons are around! Give it a try!

Well that's all I have time for now, but I'll try to update more often! Thanks for your understanding, and of course your reading my posts!