Friday, September 6, 2013

Fabulous Fall

I know technically it isn't Fall just yet (September 22 .. counting down the days!), but let's face it: back to school is here and fall fashions are all over! Here's a look at what Fall has to offer us as far as makeup, nails, clothes, and more!


Lips are a big big focus this fall! Full color using a lipstick and/or lip liner under glosses or by themselves is key. Harper's Bazaar wants us to know that this season is about much more than just the classic red lip. Neutrals, cranberries, and sweet pinks are all the it-shades! Bazaar even tells us how to get "bright, full lips" this season. First, you have to find the perfect color for you. Visit a department store cosmetic counter when you have some time and play! Try on a bunch of different shades to find the right undertone for your complexion. They tell us that "most people look good in a shade of pink, from corals to blue pinks" so find the right one and look for reds with the same undertone. It is also super important to prime your lips to make sure the color lasts. It will also fill in fine lines and smooth out flakes. Bazaar advises us to avoid balms with a slippery or wet texture or else your color will slide off. They recommend using a waxy or matte primer that dries fully, foundation can work too! Also, it can be very helpful to use a lip pencil in the same shade as your lip color to line your lip line and fill in your lips. It will help hold on your lip color and give it its truest shade. Then apply lipstick using a brush. After you apply your first coat, blot then apply a second. Creamy formulas are best to make your lips look full and luscious; stains can make your lips look lined.

Face and skin are key to this season's makeup. Ensure your complexion is even and flawless. Prime, apply foundation, concealer, and highlighter to even your skin tone and make a perfect canvas to enhance with blush, eye color, and of course your lips! Bazaar also gives us some "overnight skin savers" since our skin naturally repairs itself overnight so it's important that your skin care maximizes this recovery. First, deep-clean your face. Basic soap just doesn't do it for your face since it doesn't fully remove makeup, dirt, and oil or exfoliate your skin. Also, don't forget your serum. It may seem like an extra, but when your skin is freshly clean a problem-solving serum can be the best thing to kick-start your natural overnight skin repairs. Lastly, don't skip moisturizer. Serum is very important, but it doesn't pack moisture like a hydrating lotion.

As far as color in your look, plum is the way to go! From eye color to lips and even plum based cheek color, you'll be perfectly in style for fall.


Gold accessories are the it-look! From purses to shoes to jewelry gold tones are everywhere.

Neutral colors, black and whites, soft pinks, and deep colors like fine wine, plum, and royal blue are all over the runways and magazines so pretty much anything goes this season as far as color. Just be sure to add the fall staples of gold jewelry, round shoulder jackets, long, skinny clutches, and so much more! Just check out the fashion magazines at your check-out counters or walk through the department store displays and be on the hunt for a "look for less" and I'll get you started!

Example: Gold heels and matching clutch

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