Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Perfect Sexy Red Lip ...

Every woman wants to rock a red lip, at least deep down. Some people are afraid of the color, some people don't feel they can find the right red for them, and a lot of women believe their skin tone can't wear red. WRONG! There is a red for everyone! It can be a sassy look in a cute sundress or a sophisticated business suit or sexy and glamorous in a beautiful gown! You can go dramatic with a soft, but smokey eye or really leave the focus on your lips and go very natural on the eye. There are a couple key steps to applying red lipstick because it's not very forgiving and it certainly stains.

1. Always prep your lips. I like to wear a very hydrating lip balm while I put the rest of my makeup on to really soften my lips. I wipe it all off before I apply lip color and in wiping it off, I remove all the dead skin. This is very important with a red lip because if a piece of skin on your lip falls off, it will be super obvious when a whole space isn't red and the rest of your lip is.

2. Outline your lips and the corners of your mouth with concealer. It will give you a designated space and make the lines of your lips very clear. It also makes your lip shape more pronounced and when going for a red lip, the focus is obviously your pout!

3. For added longevity, consider a lip liner. Not the old fashioned style though. Lip liner is to be worn on the entire lip. Its like a protective barrier that grabs your lipstick/lip gloss and holds them on. This step also will give your lip shape definition.

4. Apply a matte red lipstick. It will last much longer and will be less likely to transfer onto your teeth.

5. Finish with a clear blue gloss or a red gloss with blue undertones. This will make your lips look finished and irresistible while making your smile appear whiter since blue tones make teeth appear whiter.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my red lip from e.l.f. cosmetics! I wore it out the other night and applied only a lipstick and a lip gloss at 3:30pm, ate an entire meal, and didn't have to reapply anything except a thin layer of gloss after at 7:30pm! Not too bad in my opinion! Oh, and did I mention these two products together are only $6.00?? Um, some drug store lipsticks that barely show up can cost more than that!

So here they are:
- e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color in "Rich Red" ($3.00)

- e.l.f. Studio Glossy Gloss in "Merry Cherry" ($3.00)
*This picture makes the color appear like a raspberry shade, but it is NOT!*
*It is a true deep red with a high quality pigmentation!*

Here's a picture for you of this look!
(And a look at my angel, Zoe!)

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