Friday, March 23, 2012

The Perfect Concealer

Let's face it: who doesn't need concealer for something? Whether it's under-eye circles, blemishes, acne scarring, discolorations, visible veins, etc, we all want a little extra coverage for our little reminders we've lived! I've tried concealers from the most inexpensive drug store brands to the costliest ones from department stores. I finally found one that I just love!

NYX cosmetics Hi Definition Photo Concealer Wand ($5.49)
This product has, by far, the best coverage of anything of I've tried and for only $5.49, I'll take it! It comes with a built-in applicator but I like to dab dots on my problem areas and blend using a concealer brush and my ring finger (especially for my under-eye circles!).

This product covers my dark under eye circles, a vein on my chin, redness in my cheeks, and any blemishes I have. I've had no problems with it causing irritation or breakouts, which I know many people are concerned about when using inexpensive brands, especially if they're not familiar with them.

I also love it because a little bit goes such a long way and since it covers my major problems, I can use less foundation. I basically just use foundation to blend it all together and even out my overall skin tone.

If you're looking for a great, inexpensive concealer, give this a try! You can find this brand and this product at Ulta stores and online. NYX cosmetics also does have a website that offers an abundant array of products, I just can't seem to find this product on there. It may be sold out right now, but either way, Ulta has it!

Find this concealer at Ulta

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