Saturday, March 17, 2012

Finally .. the beginning of my e.l.f. look reviews for you!

So last night, my husband took me out for "date night" .. which essentially had to be mostly errands and then walking around King of Prussia mall and grabbing some food. A side point: my daughter is NOT going to walk around malls at 12 years old at 9 at night .. and in skimpy clothes!

Anyway, I used my entire brush collection from e.l.f. last night and was extremely happy with all the brushes. Not one bristle came out and they all deposited the makeup evenly. I also used the cheek color I blogged about before with the "Golden Peach" $1 and Cosmic Coral $3. I used the lip color I posted with the swatches on my hand with the "Nearly Nude" $3 and the "Ballet Slippers" $3.

I used the 100 piece eye shadow collection from the Studio line, which I already had to create my eye look. I used the MAC Paint Pot in "Painterly", as always, for my eye shadow base. I've had it for forever and a day and I still have yet to reach the bottom, wearing it EVERY TIME I do my eye makeup so for $14, it's more than paid itself off and I can count on it always working.

I then followed up with the matte hot pink shadow with eye shadow brush "C" and applied that to my lid from lash line to the crease, then worked it up just slightly into the crease. Then I applied the matte black color to my  outer corner of my eye and slightly into my crease, using the "contour brush" and softened it using the "blending brush". The hot pink came up very vividly, but putting the black on top looked VERY purple until I layered it. Once I layered it, it still had a purple tint in some lights, but it was much closer to the look I was trying to recreate, a limited edition 4 color palette from Lancome. (Their palettes have changed and now have 5 colors, for $49 according to Then I swept the light, shimmery pink over my brow bone with the "blending eye brush" and then in my inner corner down around to just under my eye. Then I followed up with the "contour brush" and lightly applied some black under the outer corner of my eye.

I applied black eyeliner on my lash line and followed up with a volumizing mascara. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my e.l.f. eye brow kit, so in the mean time I used a taupe pencil I already had to fill in my brows.

It's quite an easy look to do even though I know it can be intimidating with such vivid colors, but play around with it at home and get comfortable with it and before long, you'll be recreating this look too! And if you have any questions or need more specific directions, just ask! Feel free to post pictures of your own version of this look with your comments!

Visit e.l.f. cosmetics to order any of these goodies today!
And, the 50% off coupon code is still good so for half off all Studio line products (which is everything I listed except the "Golden Peach" cheek color from the Essential Line for $1).
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