Friday, March 9, 2012

e.l.f. (eyes lips face) make-up

Some of you may have heard of this make-up brand, some of you may have not. It's sold in some Target and K-Mart Stores, but its full line can be found online at I've tried a few products here and there from Target, a lip gloss and an eye shadow brush. Now if you have heard of them or if you go to look it up, you may be shocked by their price. Yes, they sell a full line of make-up, brushes & tools, nail color and care, and some skin care treatments, and most of their products range from $1-$8.00 max! Their primer is only $6, as well as their foundation and HD powder. They sell an array of nail polish colors for $2 and brushes from $1 to $3.

They have three different lines within their brand: Studio, Mineral, Essential. Studio is for the more experienced make-up artists, mineral is all natural, paraben free, etc., and the Essential line is for girls just starting out and just learning and playing with make-up. I've purchased from both the Studio and Essential lines in store and have been literally SHOCKED by the quality of these items since they're priced so low. Coming from high-end department store brands (and prices), I just had no idea that products, especially online/drug store products, could have similar quality at like almost an 1/8 of the price, or less!

They have an 11 piece brush set with an array of brushes from eye to face with a pouch in the Studio Collection for only $30. They sell a Studio Make-up Artist Brush Belt which can be found in other make-up stores and department store brands for $30-$60. They also offer a FANTASTIC "Custom" option for their Essential and Studio lines. The Essential line's Custom option similar to a very popular make-up brand found in department stores, in which you buy a palette and select 4 items to go in. You can choose from single eye shadows, cheek/face colors, or lip colors. The actual palette is only $1, unlike the other brands who charge $5-$10 just for the actual palette and again, only $1 for each individual color.

The Studio Collection's custom palette allows you to choose from a single palette case or a 3-Palette storage case. From there, you can select from 10 different choices. Each one contains a set of complimentary colors including 8 eye shadows, 2 lip colors, and 1 cheek/overall color. The single case is $3 and the 3-Palette case is $6, with each insert costing only $3 for all that listed above in bold. That is an incredible deal!!!

They offer sets and kits pre-made in make-up, like just eye colors, eye liners, or lip glosses, as well as "beauty box" kit ideas that have an array of products. It's also really neat how when you click online to look at a specific item, it tells you the magazines it has been featured in and shows you the ad/page, gives you ingredients/directions, a video on the product and/or how to use it, and tons of reviews from customers.

The other great thing e.l.f.'s website offers is coupon codes. They can be found online and actually pop up for you as you're shopping to get 10-20% off depending on how much you spend, 6 free Essential lip colors, free shipping, and many more. They also e-mail you special deals and a heads-up on upcoming sales if you submit your e-mail address at the bottom of the page. They have standard shipping for $6.95 regardless of order size so that's perfect if you save up and order all at once. It seems to take up to 2 full weeks for this shipping option though, so if you can't wait to have you're make-up, you can choose a faster option which looks at your location and weight of the items. However, at such low prices for the actual items, it's still an amazing deal!

I've been happy with the handful of products I've tried, and already have a cart full, ready to be ordered soon! I'll be back with reviews on specific products once I've tried them, but I'm definitely excited to give them a go since it's not a huge investment if something doesn't work out for me! Again, so far so good on what I've tried!

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