Thursday, March 29, 2012

High Pigment, High Quality, Low Priced Eyeshadows!!

As a makeup junkie, I am always on the lookout for any good finds. To be a good enough find for me to write about on my blog, the product has to be high quality and affordable because I hate those beauty blogs or magazine articles that tell you about this amazing cream or have-to-have gloss that's like $100 because the wand has crystals on it or something stupid and unnecessary. Sure, I'd love crystal lip gloss, but I'm not rich like that :). (Hopefully one day! lol) Anyway, one of the main products I'm always trying to find is eye shadow. There's some great brands out there with high pigmented shadows, but $14-$28 for a single shadow gets a little expensive, especially when I'm not the kind of girl who only has 3 shadows that I mix between. I use 3 shadows minimum per look!

NYX Cosmetics makes an amazing eye shadow. They sell them in singles, trios, 5-colors palettes and larger/seasonal palettes. They also sell eye shadow pigments, glitter, roll on glitter-shadow, and cream eye shadow. I recently purchased 2 trios, a roll on glitter-shadow, and a single shadow.

I got the trio "Shangri-LA". It's a bright yellow, a bright orange, and then a softer peachy, sheeny, orange. The colors are beautiful. They are highly pigmented and extremely smooth. Each trio is only $7.00 on NYX Cosmetic's website and I believe it was $7.50 at Ulta. You should definitely check this out for a bright, spring look.

I also got the trio "Cherry/Cool Blue/Hot Pink". It's a gorgeous collection to make pretty cotton candy eye look that you often see on cosmetic store ads and signs. These colors also can be worn in coordination with colors you probably already have at home like black, gray, or neutrals. Again, this trio is highly pigmented and very smooth in texture.

Next, I got the Roll On Eye Shimmer in "Purple". I bought this to coordinate with the darker pink color in the palette above and a single shadow I'm going to mention next. I'm trying to recreate a look I saw in a magazine, which I will post pictures of later. This is not like many other roll-on shimmers because it has true color, not just glitter and is very easy to apply and not messy. It only costs $4.50 too!

Last, I got a single shadow to complete the look. It's a deep blue and it also is smooth and highly pigmented.  Their single shadows only cost $5.00 and Ulta often runs specials for buy 1, get 1 50% off.

I'll post pictures of my looks I create with these colors this weekend. I've been down with the flu unfortunately so I know I haven't posted much. :( Thanks for sticking with me though, loves! Hope you're all doing well!

NYX cosmetics

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