Thursday, March 22, 2012


Eyebrows are super hot this season! Natural looking, not super thin or crazy bushy, eyebrows. Let's face it: if you do your full face of makeup and don't do your brows, something is just missing. They frame your eyes, give your face shape and definition, and just complete your look. There are all different types of products to fill in your brows, give them better shape, and keep all the hairs in order. There are pencils, waxes, powders, and gels to choose from. Your decision should be based on your needs, but also what your most comfortable with using.

Powder:  It is best for filling in tiny spots on basically full brows for a light definition and blending in tiny holes. Not really ideal for little to no brow hairs or for holding hairs in place.

Pencil: These can fill in tiny holes as well as little to no brow hairs, but ideally you'd use one specifically made for brows so that they don't easily rub off (wouldn't want our brows running away would we?). They are best applied carefully and precisely as to not look "drawn on". You'll want to draw it on as if you're drawing tiny little hairs in so it looks natural. I generally use a mascara wand to run through after to spread the color and blend it with my natural hairs. This is the safest go to no matter what condition your brows are in. Just practice with it until you get a natural looking shape and depth of color.

Waxes: These can be clear or pigmented. Clear is basically just to groom the brow hairs and keep them in place. Pigmented waxes do the same thing while also filling in sparse spots. Again, I haven't found this to work too well for very little to no brow hairs, but for little holes, this will certainly do.

Gels: Again, these can be clear or pigmented. Clear can be worn by itself to hold down sparse brow hairs and the pigmented gels will hold your brows in place while filling in with some color. Again this is best if your brows are already pretty full naturally.

Clear gel or clear wax (I prefer gel) can be worn over powder or pencil to just hold everything in place.

When choosing your color it's best to go as close to your natural brow as possible. If you've dramatically changed your hair color (black to blonde or vice versa), I'd recommend using a taupe/ash color to make your brows a neutral shade. It won't look too fake, but it'll make them blend with your hair color best. Red heads should ideally use a color closest to their natural shade, or a taupe since plenty of red heads and dirty blondes don't have the same natural hair color as their eye brow color. Basically your best bet is to go into a store like Ulta or Sephora that has plenty of cosmetic brands and samples to try out so you can play around with what's best for you!

Don't forget to be safe! Always make sure if you try one on though that it's properly sanitized. In those stores, the samples are out for anyone to try and not everyone pays attention to sanitation. Just rub down the tip a little/sharpen the pencil then spray with alcohol and you'll be fine. For powders, be sure to use a tissue and rub off the top layer of product, same goes for waxes. For gels, be sure to use a sample mascara wand.

I really like NYX cosmetics' eyeliner/eyebrow pencil in taupe (SPE915) $3.50
I also like e.l.f. cosmetics' eyebrow kit which contains a pigmented wax and powder. $3.00

e.l.f. cosmetics also sells a 12-pack of mascara wands that can be used multiple times to brush out your brows for $3.00

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