Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Great daily moisturizer almost anyone can use!

So I realized talking to a good friend today that I haven't posted about my moisturizer yet. I have you girls set on face wash and an oxygen peel and make-up, but you need to keep that skin hydrated for everything to work and look it's best so here it is: Olay Complete all day UV moisturizer SPF 15 sensitive skin.

It's a lotion consistency, not a cream, so it's very hydrating, but not heavy. I use it both morning and night after washing my face. It can be worn during the day under make-up, which is always recommended for hydration and SPF protection. It is extremely important to moisturize your skin no matter what skin type you have! Even if you're oily or acne prone, you MUST moisturize. If you don't, your skin will believe it's too dry and send more "hydration" to the area and cause more oil and breakouts. No moisturizer = inevitable breakouts! I do definitely recommend that when wearing face make-up, always, always, always wear a primer!!!! I know lots of people think, "Do I really need a primer or is it just another step and another way to get me to spend money?" Believe me, I've worked in the field and been a consumer and you need primer. First of all, primer gives your face make-up an even foundation. It smooths out fine lines and wrinkles and diminishes large pores. It helps hold your make-up on all day and keeps it looking fresh. Primers come in all different types: oil free, hydrating, redness reducing, and more so you can find the perfect one for you.

Secondly, and most importantly, when you moisturize your face, your skin knows to absorb everything it can out of your moisturizer. If you put make-up directly over moisturizer, your skin sucks in your make-up with the moisturizer too. This is sure to cause breakouts! Your skin and pores are absorbing your make-up like it's moisturizer and I've yet to find a make-up you want your skin to drink in like a treatment.

My husband and I both use this moisturizer and it works perfectly for us. I'll post a picture below of a before and after of my hubby so you can see what it's done for him. He has sensitive skin that has both dry and oil spots and is prone to acne/breakouts. The Clean & Clear face wash, Philosophy Oxygen Peel, and Olay Moisturizer are the only things we've used and it's made such a huge difference in the clarity, texture, look, and feel of his skin. It's great for my dry skin and tones down my redness. It's very rare to find a moisturizer that a dry skinned person and oily skinned person can both use, but this is the one! You can share with your boyfriend/hubby and get more bang for your buck.

It's sold at most drug stores, Target, and Walmart. I recently found it at BJ's for an amazing deal! It typically comes in a 6 oz. bottle for about $11.99 from what I've seen, but BJ's sells it in a two-pack of 6 oz. bottles for around $15.99 so that's a great deal if you are a BJ's club member.

Give it a try & let me know what you think! :)

Olay moisturizer at Target.com

My hubby's before and after:




  1. How often do you guys use the oxygen peel?


  2. We use it once a week. You can use it 3 days in a row for a kick-start if you feel like your skin needs it and go weekly from there out, but we've always just done it once a week.