Tuesday, May 1, 2012

e.l.f. at Dollar Tree!

Hey ladies! My local Dollar Tree carries L.A. Colors and sometimes NYC cosmetics in a semi-limited collection. Lately, they've been getting more products and more colors and expanding their cosmetics section. I noticed when I was shopping there this week, they added e.l.f. cosmetics products to their shelves!

I was at the Dollar Tree in Lawrence Park Shopping Center in Broomall, PA and found their new cosmetics section! They have makeup and brushes from both the essential and studio line so far. Most of these products are extremely inexpensive to begin with, but here, they're all guaranteed to be $1.00, which you just can't beat! Going to e.l.f. cosmetics' website can certainly be a better deal if you're going to buy a bunch because you'll find a much wider selection, standard shipping rate, and tons and tons of coupon codes to choose from depending on what you'd prefer. There's percentages off totals, free items when spending certain amounts, and much more. However, if you need a product now and don't have time to wait for shipping or like to look at the products in person, here's another place you can find them. Targets and K-Marts also sell e.l.f. cosmetics, but at the Dollar Tree, you know you'll only spend $1.00 per product. Now I'm sure they won't carry the entire line since not everything can be that inexpensive, but if you're anything like me and enjoy perusing a dollar store, take a peak!

Also, stay tuned for a new review! While I was rummaging through the Dollar Tree, I found a new skin care line. Its a lot like those kiosks in the malls now that try to grab you as you walk by and hand you lotion packets or ask to see your nails featuring products with Dead Sea Salts. I bought an eye cream, anti-wrinkle serum, and night cream (since I've noticed a few tiny fine lines peaking out and we all know there's no real fix besides surgery once they are there ... it's PREVENTION PREVENTION PREVENTION, ladies!) Anyway, enough lecture :), I'll let you know what I think of them after I've tried them for a few days!

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  1. I can't wait to hear about this skin care line that you have discovered. I love the elf cosmetics and even picked up a couple eyeshodows from LA COLOR at the DOLLAR TREE but order the elf online since it wasn't at our DOLLAR TREE but is carried at our Super Walmart. Much more selection on their site though.