Thursday, March 20, 2014

5 Makeup Essentials to a Quick & Gorgeous Look

This post is inspired by the Facebook post I shared from #NYXcosmetics about 3 essentials girls need: blush, lip gloss, and brow pencil. Now as I said I COMPLETELY agree with those 3 and was SO glad to see that the #NYXcosmetics fan post included the brow pencil since so many people forget about it or worse, think they don't need it. That is never ever ever true. Whether you have thin or full brows, dark or light or almost invisible brows, bushy (hopefully you get them waxed & trimmed) or well maintained, they are individual hairs. With age, like all hair, they thin. With waxing and plucking and so on, they stop growing back in places and you know we've all gone a little too far with the tweezers once or twice, right? Anyway, I'll explain each product and why its 1 of the 5 makeup essentials in my list.

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5 Makeup Essentials:

This is a hands-down number one absolute essential, even if you forget everything else. It just perks up your face. It brightens and widens your eyes, making you look much more awake and alert. It highlights your eyes and darkens your lashes, helping your eyes pop, which is always a benefit if you didn't have time to do anything else, making everyone focus on your eyes! Mascara is now such a fun product too. They come in all different formulas with all different brushes (which is where I think the true difference lies among mascaras), different colors to pop your eye makeup and eye color like purple, blue, green, pink, black & brown obviously and those are just the common colors, and no matter which you choose, mascaras just enhance your beauty. If going to the gym, choose waterproof. Anywhere else (unless you plan on crying) simply grab your favorite and swipe a coat or 3 on and go rock those eyes!

I chose this lovely color since I've been using an Auburn brow pencil to fill in my brows and make my black brows a softer and warmer red-brown to match my new auburn (and a whole bunch of other colors since red washes out so easily, but I love how it's turned out) hair. I put this as number 2 because mascara is so necessary that if you did your brows and forgot mascara, it'd be almost pointless. BUT brow pencils come in right behind mascara in importance. They fill in any sparse places from age, over waxing/plucking, or just natural holes. They give your brow a nice, defined shape and can even help you lengthen or thicken your natural brow line depending on the look you like, the makeup trends, etc. Aside from all those benefits, they just frame your face. They frame your eyes making eye makeup look better and more "completed", but even without eye makeup (except mascara), they just bring the focus to your eyes. To me, and many makeup artists, if you don't do your brows, your makeup just doesn't look quite finished.

3. Lip Gloss (Preferably a Cream or at least Opaque formula)
Most natural lips, even when well taken care of with lip scrubs and balms, age like the rest of our skin. The line around our lips becomes less defined and often the color (especially with natural skin) just makes us look washed out. This simple swipe over your lips can give your face a little uummph. Gloss formulas (basically anything creamy or somewhat "wet" looking in appearance) also makes your lips appear fuller, younger, and less dry/chapped. Now if you have a few extra minutes or are frustrated with lip color in any formula wearing off, add a 6th item to this little list with a LIP PENCIL. I find traditional pencils (the ones your sharpen) to work best for your lips as they stay on best and longest and help hold your lip color (lipstick or gloss) as well. This isn't the 80's anymore so PLEASE stop lining the literal line of your lips like your tracing. Create that line, yes, for a defined look, but don't stop there! Fill in your entire lips, both top & bottom. This helps hold on lip color, giving a more defined look. Use a nude pencil to be neutral with any color or match your pencil to your lip color for more vibrancy and punch.

4. BB or CC Cream
This is certainly not a necessity for everyone. There are people out there (and yes we love to hate you) who have naturally flawless skin. This is much more common among darker skin tones like African Americans or people of a Hispanic or Italian descent, but no matter what your skin tone, color, or nationality, there is no guarantee for perfect skin. I understand many of us simply don't have the time every single day to do a full face. Whether it's early shifts, children, being a stay-at-home parent, etc. or just not feeling like it everyday, sometimes you want a quick & easy alternative. BB or CC Cream is a great option. They each have their own specific benefits, but they basically dim out your flaws, minimize pores, and overall make your face look softened.

5. Blush
Blush is last on my list because while I do consider it an essential, many of us have some redness in our cheeks and if you skip the BB or CC cream to smooth out your discoloration, redness, etc., a blush can end up a little overkill on already rosy cheeks. Now if you have no redness or a fairly even complexion, feel free to skip #4 and apply blush. For the rest of us, only apply a blush if you've somewhat evened out your skin tone. Now I don't want to minimize blush because once you have evened out your skin, your skin is now (basically) one fluid color, which is not natural. Don't forget to always add some color to your cheeks (whether blush or bronzer) to make sure you look like you're still alive and not washed out!

I hope this list gave you all a little information on why those items are my top 5 and a way to get all pretty without setting that evil alarm 45 minutes earlier!  


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