Thursday, February 13, 2014

Amazing Dupe for a Gorgeous Valentino Bag

I fell madly in love with the most perfect, sweet, of course PINK, bag walking through Nordstrom in King of Prussia Mall one day, but of course, it was Valentino so I knew it was out of my budget. When I got up close to it, I just fell more in love so imagine my sincere disappointment when I flipped over the price tag to see "$1395.00"! This was almost 2 years ago now and I have been on the HUNT for a decent brand that made a purse that looked anything like it. Now this purse is the Valentino Lacca Patent Leather Top Handle Bag. It's a medium sized purse in patent leather. It's a soft blush pink color and features a patent leather bow. It is the epitome of girly, adorable, classy, and every other great thing in a bag. And being a blush pink it's virtually in season year round.

I finally, FINALLY found it! It's a Betsey Johnson bag I found in Macy's. It's the Betsey Johnson Bow Satchel (full price $88.00, but it was on sale for $74.99 when I purchased it) in the color: Pink Quilted. Now this bag is not a literal copy. The handles and bow are patent leather, but the bag is a soft, quilted leather, which I love and feel it makes this bag more every day friendly than the dressiness of the Valentino bag. There are also gold decals in the center of the bow and on the handle. It's not perfect, but it's the closest I've found in all my searches in size, shape, color, and of course ... the bow! Take a look for yourself:
Valentino Lacca Patent Leather Top Handle Bag in Pink (light pink) - Lyst   
Left: Valentino Lacca Patent Leather Top Handle Bag ($1395); Right: Betsey Johnson Bow Satchel ($88.00)

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