Monday, February 3, 2014

A Little Advice

Hey there fellow beauty lovers! I just wanted to write a little post with a bit of advice for you for anyone who is just getting into makeup, looking to get back into makeup, or simply needs to refresh their kit. I love makeup. It's my passion, obsession, hobby, and career goal. I just feel that, like my "mission statement", confidence in one's image is essential to happiness. That doesn't mean you need to go all out with your makeup and that doesn't mean you need to keep your daily makeup super simple either. It just means that whatever you do or don't do to your look is fine as long as you feel confident. Everyone loves a confident person and you'll like yourself even more.

Now if you've read my blog, you know I don't discriminate makeup brands. Just because something is low cost doesn't mean always it's "cheap", drug store products don't mean they can't ever work, and high end products don't necessarily mean "over-priced" for the same thing elsewhere. You just need to have some knowledge before shopping like key ingredients in skin care that you need and ingredients cosmetic counters tell you about that are irrelevant. Read blogs and watch vlogs and talk to people that have a look you like and make your shopping list based on that.

One of my favorites is NYX Cosmetics. They are sold directly from the manufacturer online at their website, at Ulta in store and online, and they are now available at some Target locations. I would compare their products to MAC Cosmetics in that they are highly pigmented and great for everyday as well as in pictures, but they are a little less costly than MAC. Now don't get me wrong; I love me some MAC. MAC's Paint Pot in Painterly is my all time favorite eye primer or to wear alone with liner for a simple look and nothing I've tried yet has been better. NYX offers a wide range of makeup, primers, and more like MAC, just a little less costly. Downside to them is that while they can be found in some stores, the best way to shop is from NYX directly because you have the best selection of products, colors, and comparison shopping as stock in store for favorites tend to be low. Now when ordering online, you end up with the issue of shipping costs, feeling like the order isn't worth buying essentially a product  or more in shipping. Luckily many cosmetic sites offer free standard shipping once you hit a certain threshold. NYX offers free standard shipping on orders of $25 or more! That's one hell of a deal. Many places only offer free shipping once you've spent $100 or more, almost making you over shop to get the free shipping. UBER BONUS?! NYX invites you to sign up when you first visit their site by providing an e-mail account, name, and zip code and they e-mail you a coupon code for *get this* 25% off your ENTIRE FIRST ORDER!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU STILL GET THE FREE SHIPPING!

So go shop away. Google products for reviews, or colors to view swatches people have posted, comment here if you have any questions, or take some time at an Ulta or Target that has NYX and see what colors you'd need with the testers and make a nice list then go splurge with one hell of a discount at NYX Cosmetics.

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