Monday, April 9, 2012

Look #6 The Easter Look

Easter Sunday just passed and while I personally am not very religious, I still celebrated the bunny with my daughter for her first holiday and had dinner with family. I wanted to create a colorful, spring look with my makeup for this event and I think I did pretty well! Let me know what you think!


- I primed my eyelids with MAC's Paint Pot in "Painterly".
- Next, I applied a shimmery white shadow to my entire lid from lash line to brow bone.
- Then I worked my way outward. I applied the yellow shade from NYX's eye shadow trio "Shangri-LA" to my inner corner and about 1/4 of the way in on my lid.
- Next I applied the green shade from L.A. Colors eye shadow trio "Lotus" to my lid next to the yellow shade and left about 1/4 of my eyelid free for the next shade in my outer corner.
- The next shade I applied was the blue shade from the L.A. Colors eye shadow trio "Lotus" to my outer corner. Basically at this point, it should look like you have three separate, not blended colors on your lid.
- Then I applied the pink shade from the "Lotus" trio to my crease and worked the color somewhat on to my brow bone, but left just under my brow remaining the white shimmery shade. Applying this color into my crease will gently blend the other colors to look flowing, without smudging all the colors together entirely.
- I then took the bright orange shade from the NYX eye shadow trio in "Shangri-LA" and applied it under my lower lashline.
- I reapplied a little more of the yellow shade from step 3 to the inner corner for a little extra brightening and pop.
- Next I lined both my upper lash line and lower water line with cream eyeliner in black.
- I finished up with mascara, filled in my brows, and was left with colorful, rainbow Spring eyes!


- I first applied a lip conditioner when I applied my face primer to keep my lips soft and smooth and to easily wipe away makeup when I was ready for my lips.
- Obviously, my first next step to my lips is to remove the conditioner and be left with a clean, blank, soft palette to apply color to!
- I wanted a pop of color since I did my eyes in an array of colors, but all of them were softer shades. I decided to apply NYX's Xtreme Lip Cream in "Dolly Girl" to my lips. This can sometimes look dry after it sets so I tried something different from the last time I wore this lip color.
- I completed my lips by simply applying a clear gloss from L.A. Colors on top of the hot pink lip color to keep the lips looking moist and shiny. This combination created the perfect hot pink lip for my look.

I'd seen L.A. Colors makeup before, but I was always skeptical about their quality since I'd only seen them in discount stores. While I was shopping at my local dollar store the day before Easter, I passed by the makeup section and saw a large selection of makeup from liquid and powder face makeup, to an array of eye makeup products and plenty of lip colors and products to choose from. I decided to give an eye shadow trio and lip gloss a try (the ones listed above) to see how they worked because after all at $1 a piece, if they sucked, it wasn't a huge loss. I was extremely surprised by the quality. The eye shadows all were highly pigmented and easily applied. They didn't crease or wear off either. The only complaint I'd have is that they are somewhat powdery and you get a little extra fall out than higher-end shadows, but for the price, it's not too bad of an inconvenience. I tend to always run a brush with face powder under my eyes after applying eye makeup to sweep away any fall out and blend any finger marks left from when I applied my makeup, so it made no difference to me. Also, I can say the quality (color, application, longevity) far surpassed any drug store brand eye shadows I've ever tried and some of them can run $5-$10 for a trio.

* L.A. Colors can be found at stores like Dollar Tree, Dollar General,  Family Dollar, Five Below and can also be found online at For a complete list of stores, visit L.A. Colors' website , select "Retail Locations" at the bottom of the page, fill out the e-mail form, an a complete list will be e-mailed to you! *

Zoe is peeking in the picture!

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