Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Who loves getting their nails done?

I'm sure all of us! I know I love a good pedicure, especially that massage! Sometimes time and money are hard to come by and we have to go without ... :( I know! Don't let that stop you from having gorgeous pedicured toes and pretty manicured hands! And this is certainly not just for women! Men-don't be too proud! I convinced my husband (who is not at ALL metro and has a major phobia of people touching his feet) to get a pedicure and he was like okay, that's kind of awesome after. So when our little bundle, Zoe, came along ... and so did bills, rent, car insurance, etc., pedicures weren't at the top of the list for expendable income (whenever that shows up!).

We didn't let that stop us from enjoying the benefits and relaxation. Go to your local dollar store and you'll be shocked by the finds! They sell little plastic tubs that you can fill up with warm water. They also sometimes sell rose petal soap that you can add for scent and ambiance too! You can find bath soaks and salt scrubs for your feet, hands, and legs too. They sell an array of scented lotions too and you don't necessarily need an expensive lotion for your leg massage; Suave also offers great options for body lotion. They have a large selection of lotions for a variety of concerns.

Also, you can find little kits with glass nail files, nail clippers, and a buffer for your nails. They sell a 3-in-1 foot brush, callus shaver, and pumice stone too! You will basically be set on products and supplies for pedicures for under $10 that will last you time and time again!

Now I know this obviously won't be the same as getting out to the nail salon, having someone do it for you (if you don't have a hubby who will!), and of course the amazing leg & foot massage, but it'll keep up with the look and feel of your feet!

Also, Sally Hansen offers a huge variety of nail polishes, but I love their Sally Hansen "Complete Salon Manicure" polish collection. According to sallyhansen.com, it's 5 steps all in the 1 bottle: base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color, and top coat. They recommend applying 2 coats and then you're all set! They offer 42 different colors to choose from from white and light baby pinks to midnight blue and black. This polish was also listed on Marie Claire's 25 Best Beauty Products Of The Year.

Visit Sally Hansen to learn more to get a full manicure or pedicure in a bottle.
I also recommend Suave Advanced Therapy body lotion or Suave Natural Oatmeal body lotion for those of us with sensitive skin. Both feel great and hydrate the skin well and of course would feel great massaged in! Visit Suave online for more information on their array of body lotion choices.

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