Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Best Shampoo and Conditioner Product Combo for Dry, Damaged, Hair!

I have my mom and my grand-mom's hair. It's full and can grow to pretty much any length quickly. It can hold any style from the tightest curls to the straightest straight. But good god is it dry! Any processing or heat or weather affects our hair. The years of processing, blow drying, straightening, and being exposed to the elements has really dried and damaged my naturally drier hair. I have experimented with all different products and lines from the Dollar Store to high-end salon brands. I've tried using an entire line only and using a combination of brands. Finally, I've found a great shampoo and wonderful conditioner to hydrate my hair without weighing it down, provide shine and gloss without looking greasy, and they can be found in grocery and drug stores! You can often find coupons for these products, sales, and even at full price, they are affordable! Are you prepared for my find????

Shampoo: Aussie Sun-Touched Shine
This shampoo is hydrating and nourishing, while adding shine to your hair that is dry and/or damaged. Visit Aussie online  to get more information!

Conditioner: Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner
It works from deep within the hair follicle to repair the damage done. It strengthens your hair from the inside out and also leaves it stronger and better prepared for future damage. Visit Dove online for more information!

If you have tried these products, let me know what you think! My hubby and I both love this combination and couldn't be happier! 

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