Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Few Myths Debunked

Everyone during their teen years (sometimes before and/or after) has experienced a breakout. And whether you were on the luckier side and only had occasional pimples or if you drew the short end of the stick and had boils and clusters of pimples, or cystic acne, we've all had it and hated it! And to make matters worse, your family members would tell you it was YOUR FAULT! Like okay, they're uncomfortable to painful and embarrassing, I have to apply concealer layer upon layer or tough it out as a guy, and you're going to tell me I caused it?! Well gee, now I feel all better! You've heard that you ate too much chocolate, ate too much fatty/greasy foods, don't get enough rest, drink too much soda, and so on. And while all these things aren't ideal for your overall health and replacing soda with water for a cleanse can help, it actually is NOT your fault! Doctors, dermatologists, and skin care specialists have studied and argued this case for years trying to decide if you can actually help, and therefore prevent, getting acne.

Officially, it has been determined that while getting more rest and consuming healthier foods is of course better for you, there is no direct link to the old wives' tales and acne. It is generally caused by genetics (as in you were screwed no matter what you did) and then a lack of care. If you wear makeup, sweat all day, and then don't wash your face, hydrate your face, and treat little breakouts as they come up, you will inevitably end up with a form of acne.

Instead of stressing about that chocolate bar you indulged in or those onion rings you got with your friends this weekend, remember the only thing you can do about acne is take care of your skin. Use sun screen, wash your face morning and evening, always wash makeup off before bed, use an appropriate moisturizer for your skin type, and use simple things like salicylic acid treatments on pimples to head them off before they get too bad.

Some people unfortunately can't do anything about it and are going to end up with bad boils and cystic acne. This is bacteria on your skin. Bacteria in your body means you go to the doctors. This is no different. See a dermatologist. They'll prescribe topical ointments and sometimes oral medication to treat it. It is NOT worth suffering the embarrassment, discomfort, and all the other costs and negatives that accompany acne.

** And remember: IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! **

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