Wednesday, June 20, 2012

For the boys .... and men!

My typical posts are geared to women or are gender-neutral concerning skin care. I decided this time to write a post for my male readers! I'd love to hear your opinions and suggestions too since I clearly don't have personal experience using your products and my opinions are based on my husband's recommendations of products.

Men have a few options when it comes to dealing with their facial hair. You can go full cave man and say screw it, but most of you who have jobs or women in your life tend to need to take care of it in some way. Most men go with shaving using either an electric razor or a manual razor. My husband uses both, but generally needs a manual razor to get a good, close shave and an electric razor for little, quick touch ups. He's tried all the brands and different razors within the brand and finally found one he loves. And he loves it enough to suggest I share it with you! Whether your the actual man reading this or a woman who has a man in your life, keep this razor in mind!

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power

- The actual razor blades last a really long time in comparison to other razors so you get your money's worth and don't run into a dull, uncomfortable razor after just a few uses!

- The vibrating power is optional so if you don't like it, you certainly don't have to use it. However, it helps the razor glide over your face with ease, diminishing the likelihood of small nicks/cuts.

- The brand and specific razor can be found basically anywhere personal items are found like drug stores, grocery stores, Walmart, Target, and Kmart.

- Gillette often offers coupons in the Sunday paper and online and the brand is sometimes on sale in store too so you can get even better deals!

*** We got ours in a pack at BJ's, which was a phenomenal deal, so check that out too if you have a membership! ***

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