Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Want better pictures of yourself?

Of course you do! Guy or girl, let's face it, whether it's for your ID, Facebook, or pretty much anything else, we all want to look good in our pictures. A few of these tips I've picked up on my own just taking pictures of myself to get the best angle to see the makeup, but here's a couple tips from smashbox! They're a makeup brand, but they originate from smashbox studios, a photography company so who'd know better than them!

I get e-mail updates from them with new products, sales, and tips from the pro. Today I got an e-mail with 3 tips on how to take the best picture of yourself and you with friends. Here goes:

smashbox's tips for the perfect photo!

Click the above link and it will direct you to a copy of the exact e-mail I was sent, including the video! Just click the "Watch Now" button or the actual image! Let me know what you think of their tips!

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