Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Perfect Baby Pink Lip!

I, like most girls, love baby pink lips for a natural makeup look or to compliment smokey eyes. It's hard to get the perfect color sometimes because many glosses are so sheer and come lipsticks come out looking "old ladyish" and you always have to factor in your own lip shade. I found a great combination of a nude lipstick with a medium pink lip gloss in a department store brand, but it was too expensive for daily wear! The lipstick was $14 and the lip gloss was $17.50, and neither were very big containers. Well, I was getting by with those two because they did create the color I wanted, but I somehow lost the lip gloss and was rather screwed when it came to my lip color anytime I did my eyes up. Smokey eyes and a hot pink lip?? I'm not going clubbing ... I'm mommying!

So instead of breaking down and spending another $17.50 for the lip gloss (mine was barely used as it was), I headed out to my, what else, local dollar store to peruse the e.l.f. cosmetics and L.A. Colors cosmetics and lo and behold, found a killer dupe for both the lip stick AND the lip gloss .............. so yes the perfect baby pink lip at *drum roll please* $2.00 (plus applicable taxes)! You are welcome, ladies!

Here it is:

e.l.f. cosmetics lipstick in: Natural Nymph
L.A. Colors cosmetics lip gloss in: Flirty

Go enjoy!!!!

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