Sunday, June 24, 2012

Killer Dupe For the Popular, Award-Winning Orgasm????

Nars blush in "Orgasm" I mean, of course :)! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nars' Orgasm Collection. Beyond the names ("Super Orgasm", "Deep Throat") making me giggle like a 12 year old pubescent boy, they are actually really high quality products that are GORGEOUS on! However, as a mommy, I just don't have $30 for blush anymore since that would buy, oh, over a hundred diapers! Since motherhood, I have been on the hunt for amazing dupes (duplicates) of expensive products I love. I read an article that was all about dupes and comparing them to their high-end counterpart. One comparison was between Nars Blush in "Orgasm" ($28 according to the author) and it's dupe from Flirt (Kohl's makeup brand) Blush in "Heartthrob" ($6.00 according to the author). I was near a Kohl's so I stopped in because I LOVE that blush and if there was one for $22 less and had the same color, pigment, and quality, I had to check it out!

I visited the Flirt counter in Kohls and was rather disappointed. First off, there were all of maybe 10 blushes and not a single one was called "Heartthrob". I know the color used to be in the line, but it appears to have been discontinued. Furthermore, the blushes were labeled as $14! Granted, that is still half price, but for not having the color and being a good 1/3 more expensive than I was led to believe, I was pretty bummed!

Needing a new, summery blush I figured I'd give my trusty Target a go. I visited Target's e.l.f. cosmetics section and found e.l.f. Studio Blush in "twinkle pink" for $3.00 ... beat that! And yes, the color is almost an exact replica. It has great pigment and shimmer, just like the Nars blush, and is about the same size as Nars too. They look almost exactly the same on and you can buy, oh, 9 of them for one of Nars' blush! Not a bad dupe find, huh?! You're welcome for the tip, ladies ;)! Go hit up e.l.f. cosmetics or your Target tomorrow!!!!
Peachy Keen
e.l.f. cosmetics Studio Blush in "twinkle pink"

Orgasm Blush
Nars Blush in "Orgasm"


  1. Gorgeous! I just bought Twinkle Pink after looking at and swatching Orgasm at Sephora, and sadly walking away, not able to justify $30 on a blush. Lo and behold, I look online, and others like you have noticed that it's an exact dupe! Gotta love ELF.

  2. I know! I love Nars and the entire Orgasm collection, but as a mom of an 18 month old girl and expecting our second baby and my husband as our only income, it's just out of my budget. I can't justify spending that amount either! I was so happy to find quality products that were interchangeable! Thank you, ELF! Thanks for your comment :)