Friday, August 17, 2012

Fierce Fridays!

TGIF! It is the weekend! Now since this is Friday and in my monthly beauty week Fridays are Fierce Fridays, I want to help all my gorgeous girls and style-conscious men work their own version of fierce every weekend. It is officially the end half of August, which means school will be starting in 2-3 weeks for most of us and for anyone and everyone else that doesn't have a "back-to-whatever" event, Fall isn't too far away! Whether you're gearing up to dress-to-impress for classes or just getting ready for all the autumn looks arriving, you certainly want to look fierce doing it, right?!

Of course you do! BUT, I know you don't want to drain an entire paycheck to do it. Doesn't it sound just WONDERFUL to sneak out of work a little early and pamper yourself before the weekend plans? Hit your salon or spa to get a mani/pedi, touch up your color, try a new color, or get some low-lights for the Fall season? How about a quick wax to make your eyebrows perfect since the fall trend is full, natural brows?
I have to stray off topic quickly and mention, THANK GOODNESS FULL BROWS ARE BACK for the Fall 2012 trends! I'm not talking bush, cave woman, au natural look, but you don't need to look like you drew a line ... the thickness of a pencil ... to create eyebrows. Eyebrows are an ESSENTIAL portion of your look. They frame not only the eyes, but the entire face as well. Believe me, do your makeup from soup to nuts and leave your eyebrows undone and look in the mirror: you will look completely unfinished from just that one thing! And if you weren't blessed with full brows or have over-tweezed or waxed, remember there's plenty of products to help with that, from serums to help the hair regrow to pencils, waxes, and powders.

Anyway, what about getting your makeup done to save yourself the time getting ready tonight? Spend it, oh I don't know, drinking a glass of wine while you dress instead of rushing around with a curling iron in one hand and a mascara wand in the other, tripping on the wire. I know sounds fabulous to be spoiled and pampered, doesn't it? I also know you're thinking, "Sure, how in the hell would you like me to afford all that ... and even be able to consider going out tonight to show it all off?", aren't you? Well, lovey, I will tell you how!

I, as most of you know, FINALLY am getting to cosmetology school this fall! My orientation is on September 4th and classes begin on the 10th. There are different stages in cosmetology school based on how much you've learned and how much supervised work you're able to preform on live clients. Well eventually when you reach the "senior level", you do any and every salon service available on live clients to get the most practice in a real-life environment, all under the supervision of experienced teachers, aka professionals in the field.

These clients are you. People who want salon services can go to most local cosmetology schools for a full menu of salon services, done by students under the supervision of their teachers, at a discounted rate. I know the school I will be attending says about their prices that they "charge for the reasonable cost of materials and products", meaning you're not paying the crazy salon prices for the salon name. And you'd be surprised: many of the schools have a beautiful, state-of-the-art student salon and you'll still feel like you're being pampered, without the headache of hundreds of dollars to do it!

Quick example at my school for anyone to walk in:
(*List of schools & links to their sites below for Delaware County, PA*)

Haircolor (shampoo, conditioner, any style)- $20.00
Haircut (same as above) - $8.00
Brow Wax - $5.00
Makeup Application - $10.00
Spa Mani/Pedi (Hand & Arm Massage, Foot & Leg Massage, Mask, Polish) - $24.00
_____________________________________________ Totaling: $67.00

Where the hell can a woman get a single process color, cut and style for under $70.00? And this includes hair, nails (with a massage!), wax, and makeup ... for $67.00!

Men's Haircut (Shampoo, Conditioner, Any Style)- $5.00
Basic Manicure (Hand & Arm Massage, Mask, Polish Optional-Clear)- $5.00
___________________________________________Totaling: $10.00

Most men's haircuts at discount, in-and-out places cost $8-$10 alone. They offer basic facials, waxing, and more for men as well!

And kids cuts: $3.00!!!

This way you can completely pamper yourself and still let hubby and kids in on it too .. all for under $100! It's the perfect way to treat everyone after a long, hard week or to get them all ready for back to school without pouring that whole paycheck into a salon.

Visit Google and look up some local cosmetology schools near you. Check out their sites and see if they offer a "guest menu" online or call the schools to find out the services they offer, prices, and hours. Often they only take color appointments up to 2 hours before they close since the services take a little longer since they are being preformed by the students. Many schools take walk-ins, but if you need a certain service at a specific time and they take appointments, make one. In today's economy everyone is looking for the best deal so they are often busy places!

Local to my area: Delaware County, PA

Empire Beauty School Guest Services (Springfield, PA)
- They also have an Exton campus too

Jean Madeline Aveda Institutes Client Menu
Jean Madeline Aveda Institutes' Local Campuses List

Venus Beauty Academy (Sharon Hill and Aston, PA)
Venus Beauty Academy Clinic Menu

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