Monday, August 13, 2012

Mascara Mondays

Hey love! Beauty week is back for the August installment. As you already know Monday is Mascara Monday, where I will review a different mascara for my readers. My post yesterday for Seasonal Sunday's reviewed ULTA's Fall 2012 GWP, which included a full size mascara. I briefly reviewed it, but I am certainly a fan, so I'll go into a little more detail today for Mascara Monday! So here goes ...

Mascara Monday's (#2 August 13, 2012)

ULTA Legendary Lengths Mascara-$10.00

First, mascaras come in a big price range, from dollar store/discount store prices all the way up to some crazy high-end department store pricing. Sure, formulas vary and brushes vary, but almost every mascara is optimologist tested and has a basically acceptable formula. In my experience, the real difference is the brush. That mascara wand completely decides the contouring of your lashes during application and if too fat, it won't reach tiny, inner corner lashes. However, if too skinny, it may not add the curl and volume you're searching for.

This mascara is defined by ULTA's description to have an "hour glass" wand. It is made out of silicone so it can really get in there and define each lash to add length of course, but in my experience, volume and curl as well. For a lengthening mascara, I found you don't have to sacrifice the other things you'd want out of a mascara when you use this one.

Another important feature to note is that this product is not tested on animals, which is a big issue in the cosmetic world right now. And, this mascara comes in not just 2, but 3 color choices: Jet Black, Soft Black, and Black/Brown. I always use black unless it's being worn on someone with truly red or blonde lashes and/or brows so as to not look fake or overdone. I have and love Jet Black, but the Soft Black would be perfect for someone with lighter brunette hair or for a softer, daytime friendly look.

It's a known brand, offers color choices, does both length and volume in my experience, and is not animal tested ... and all for $10.00. Sounds like a winner mascara to me!

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