Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wellness Wednesday!

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday ... August 2012 edition! As you know from last month, today is the day for fun tips for general well being. Some tips will be beauty geared, others will just be for feeling good overall. Each month on Wellness Wednesday, I find my tips from First for women magazine. They offer tons of tips for first aid, beauty, health, fitness, and saving money while you take care of you. It's a super affordable magazine at generally $2.50 per issue, but you can subscribe for one year of issues for just about $20.00, saving you over 50% per issue! Visit First magazine online or your local magazine rack to get all the amazing information they pack into each issue, as I only share a tidbit of what they have to offer!

Wellness Wednesday (#2 August 15, 2012)
(Tips from "Special Walmart Edition of First for women magazine dated August 20, 2012)

1. Ever experience facial swelling in the warm summer months? Well First tells us "Dehydrating can cause the lymphatic system to become sluggish, which can result in facial swelling." Dr. Hunter recommends that you "pop an ice cube in your mouth and hold it against the roof of your mouth with your tongue for about a minute." Dr. Fusco says that "we have ultra sensitive nerves in the roof of our mouth, which are connected to the blood vessels in our face. Ice triggers these nerves to cause constrictions in the vessels, reducing swelling from the inside out." (Found on page 17)

2. Notice your gorgeous locks become brassy in summer months? Well that's because the sunlight (UV rays) break down "violet and blue pigments in color-treated hair, causing it to take on a yellow or orangey tinge." No one likes spending their hard earned money to beautify their hair, which is one of the top features men list as things they are first attracted to on women, to go have a nice day at the beach and come home with faded hair. First's surprising fix? "Sprinkle Kool-Aid mix into your conditioner. The powder's dyes replenish cool-toned pigments to neutralize brassiness and restore hair to a rich, beautiful hue. To do: Mix a pinch of powder (purple for blondes, blue for brunettes) into 2 Tbs. of conditioner. Comb through wet hair, wait 5 minutes, then rinse." Killer tip that I just HAD to share. Think of how much money and time this will save to avoid touch-ups!!! (Page 18)

3. Flaky scalp from all that excess oil during the summer? First tells us that "instead of using a dandruff shampoo, which can leaves strands parched, mix 4 drops of rosemary oil and 1 tsp. of olive oil, massage into scalp for 3 minutes, then rinse. The anti fungal compound alpha-pinene heals dandruff while olive oil's rich fatty acids hydrate the hair. (Page 18)

4. Fun Food Facts:
- Jalapenos have a unique compound that gives them their spicy flavor, capsaicin, which prompts cells to burn stored fat for energy. Researchers at the University of Maryland found they, along with anaheims, or milder banana peppers "can raise metabolic rate by 25% for 3 hours straight."
- Shrimp give the body a TON of omega-3 fatty acids. "A serving of four large shrimp packs 32% more omega-3 fatty acids than an equivalent amount of cod, haddock, and pike. Omega-3's jump start the body's production of leptin. A study at Italy's University of Milan revealed that this hormone increases the body's ability to burn fat by 200%, essentially emptying fat cells of their stores so they shrivel up." Go get that shrimp cocktail, huh?!
- We all know green tea is great for us, but do we realize how good it truly is? "Sipping 24 oz. of iced green tea daily can double weight loss on any diet plan - and chase away fatigue in just 5 days. Polyphenols in the brew help fire up fat-burning enzymes in cells. Hint: Add a squeeze of lemon to boost the absorption of green tea's active ingredients by 80%!" Yummy! (Pages 24-25)

5. Thick thighs (or not so thick thighs) chafing in shorts in summer's heat? First recommends "Apply a diaper rash cream directly to inflamed skin. The cream works for you the same way it does for a baby. The thick emollients form a protective barrier and reduce irritation-causing friction, so thighs glide past each other." They recommend A+D Original Ointment since it contains petroleum (to moisturize), lanolin (feels cool on the skin), and cod liver oil (which is rich in cell-repairing vitamin A). (Page 13)

6. Tiny tan lines left over from your swim suit? First suggests "a tan towel. Unlike lotions or sprays that drip and run, these cloths give you more control in small areas so you know exactly where you're applying the tanner. For the most even coverage, look for small towels infused with alpha hydroxy acids and vitamin D.) (Page 14)

7. And last, but certainly not least, plan summer parties in blues and greens! "Layers of blue and green turn any outdoor spot into your own Eden. According to color expert Stacy Garcia, green inspires feelings of refreshment while blue slows breathing and heart rate for maximum tranquility", according to First. Hence the color theme of this post so you could read helpful tips in a relaxing fashion! (Page 88)

So there you have it: your August's wellness tips! Lots of love!

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