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Seasonal Sundays! (August 2012)


Hey there, my loves! I sincerely apologize for the delay in postings! My lap top's display randomly decided to crap out so I have had to wait to get to a computer! Luckily I am just in time to begin August's beauty week!!! Again, I apologize for the delay and appreciate my readers' loyalty and will do my very best to ensure all my posts are up at a more reasonable time for the beauty week (unlike today's at like 9pm!).

As today is Seasonal Sunday, I typically will post a seasonal look. However, my life has been very hectic and I haven't had time to decide on a look and since September will be the next month and therefore more fitting for a fall look, I've decided to review a seasonal GWP (gift with purchase) at one of my favorite beauty stores, ULTA!

Seasonal Sundays (#2 July 12, 2012)

Ulta has an amazing GWP for Fall 2012! First of all and most importantly to my finance-conscious beauties, a $17.50 purchase in Ulta products gets you a free gift! This is one of the BEST deals I've seen to qualify for a GWP. Also, Ulta offers a $3.50 off $10 purchase coupon, so you can get $21.00 worth of product for $17.50 after the coupon AND a free gift worth over $88.00!!!

This gift is overflowing in great beauty products to try! It comes in an adorable and totally usable clutch! You choose from 3 different color palettes: Mystic Cool, Willow Trendy, or Molten Warm. While all the bags are cute and all the cosmetic colors are gorgeous, I picked Mystic Cool since it was perfect for fall! That is the color palette I will be reviewing as it is perfect for Seasonal Sunday to gear up for fall colors, back to school, and it's out now!

- The clutch bag is a faux snakeskin look in a deep burgundy/purple. It zips closed and attached to the zipper is a handle to use the bag as a clutch. The bag also folds down and has a magnetic clasp so it's super secure so no makeup, money, or cards will "run away"!

- It comes with a 3 piece brush set: a blush brush, eye shadow brush, an a sponge-tipped applicator. This offers convenience for on-the-go applications and the brushes aren't terrible, but if you have brushes at home, go with them. The bristles are rather rough, but that is generally expected. Brushes in mini's or free gifts are generally mass-produced and not made with the same care as the full size, individually purchased brushes. I know even MAC cosmetics, who make AMAZING brushes, offer mini to-go brush sets around the holidays, and those are no where near the same quality as the brushes they typically sell. Generally, spring for the full sized brushes, whether individual or in sets, from a brand you've heard of before. Even Ulta's brushes are nice, just not the ones in the gift. Who cares though? I know you're not getting this gift for that!

- Ulta recently came out with their own skin care line and they want you to give it a try. That's why they offer a travel size of their Instant Nourish Facial Moisturizer. It's got a decent texture and hydrates well. It's a small sample so it's not going to last you very long as your actual home moisturizer, but keep it in your bag or the car for touch ups and dry moments! Cold weather is coming (fingers crossed lol) so your skin will need hydration before all that dry heat gets turned on!

- A full sized mascara too?! Yes! It's Ulta's new mascara: Legendary Lengths in "Black". It's a nice mascara that truly does lengthen your lashes and making them look darker and more dramatic. It's not over the top so it can be worn daily, but can be layered for a more "nighttime-appealing" look.

- "Cheek Color" ... aka blush. It is a GORGEOUS shade! I apologize that I am unsure of the color names since I'm not home, but I'll update this post later with the color names for you. It's a deeper color, definitely fall-friendly. It looks a little dark in the container, but when worn, it's perfect. It's like the perfect combination of plum, pink, and brown to give your cheeks a fabulous autumn pop of color!

- 2, yes TWO, eye shadow QUADS! Yes, you get EIGHT eye shadows total! They're pretty colors with decent pigment. They're not too dark so they can be worn during the day, and more color can be layered to create a nighttime look. One quad is a purple/plum set and the other is a gray/blue gray/brown set. All perfect for fall!

- Dual-ended eye liner pencil in "Black" and "Deep Brown". They both have great pigment and a gorgeous color. They glide on easily and aren't rough like some pencils. They apply almost like the retractable liners instead, which I love, but they don't run or smear!

*** The next 3 items are by far my absolute favorites and have-to-haves. They are literally the reason (along with the ADORABLE bag) you NEED to go find $17.50 worth of Ulta products to buy just to get them. I know, get excited! ***

- Nail polish. Yum. It's just absolutely perfect. It's like a plum/burgundy color, so perfect for fall and even into winter. 2 layers will give you the perfect pigment and of course, apply a top coat. It's just gorgeous though! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!

- Lipstick. It's uh-mazing. It goes PERFECTLY with the nail polish. They are damn near the same exact color. The actual lipstick is smooth and creamy and hydrating, but doesn't feather or run. It's a deep plum/burgundy color, but when worn with the provided gloss, it's gorgeous! If you're daring though and/or love deep, fall colors, you'll love it on its own too!

- Lip gloss. Ulta's Super Shiny Lip Gloss, I mean. In love. It's a pretty color that's almost sheer, but when worn over the above mentioned lip gloss, it's perfection. It's shiny and makes your pout perfect, but is not sticky or drying! Apply it over the lipstick, paint your nails, and you are Autumn Amazing, love!

And there you have it: the very next time to invest your next paycheck in! If you've seen the fall clothes start to come out or the Halloween decorations arriving in stores, I'm sure end of summer and cooler weather are on your mind! Get this killer gift from ULTA as soon as possible and you'll be more than ready for leaves, pumpkin pie, and some trick-or-treating!

From's Online Catalog. Visit ULTA online for more information or your local stores!

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