Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pretty Little Liars? More like "Pretty Little Makeup Addicts" ... ;)

which is just fine by me! I've recently been watching old seasons of television shows on Netflix at home and just got into Pretty Little Liars from ABC Family. I was afraid it was going to be kind of stupid and young for me, but it's actually really a great show. It's got drama and makes your heart race and makes you really root for relationships ... oh and it makes you super jealous of their makeup looks! If you're looking for a new show to watch, I'd definitely give them a try!

Anyway, back to the point of this blog post: Pretty Little Liars makeup looks. I was searching online about their makeup looks and found a link with an interview from the head makeup artist of the show, Cindy Miguens. She basically describes the personality of the characters and the makeup looks that go with them. It was interesting to hear, well read, about what went into the thought process of creating the girls' looks and how they executed them.

I'll include the link to that article from, but this post is about my 2 favorites, look-wise anyway. Hanna and Aria are so very different. Hanna is pop-bubblegum while Aria is dark-mysterious, but I just love both of their looks, from head to toe. Hanna always has a smokey eye and super luscious lips, which I adore. Aria has the dark, sexy look going, with the deep brunette hair, generally fairly simple, but dark eye makeup, and a subtle, yet noticeable lip. Hanna always wears super magazine-cover friendly outfits, while Aria looks like she goes estate and/or thrift shopping to piece together a killer (no pun intended), chic, old-yet-new look. I love both of their looks completely and think each of the girls' characters fit the looks they are given.

In the picture below, found in a Google Image Search, is Hanna at her prime. A little less girly than typical in the show, she still has her nails done, hair flawlessly messy-chic, and her ever-seductive smokey eyes and soft, sexy lip. And of course, in a gorgeous dress and heels.


In the pictures below, also found in a Google Image Search, is Aria, in all her many style-forms. She rocks an edgy, almost punk look in a super stylish way. She also wears clothes you would find in the special brand-name sections of department stores, and then below, in the pink dress, she rocks a Betsey Johnson dress and the necklace, Betsey Johnson too! Punk princess, edgy glam, and so much more could be used to describe her ever-changing style ... which I just love!  And her hair and makeup? Stylish, classic, and perfect from day-to-night, school-to-going out and pretty easy to recreate. 

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