Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School's Starting ... Flawless Face For Under $20.00!

Well August is officially coming to an end signaling cooler weather and of course, back to school! Whether you're starting a new chapter in your life and heading off to high school or college for the first time, going back to school after years of working and you've finally figured out your calling, or simply heading back for another just another year, why not look your absolute best? Especially if you can do so for under $20.00 for a flawless face!

I am going to show you how to create an even, flawless, face using a handful of drug store and dollar store cosmetics to keep you face, from primer to powder to blush and bronzer under $20. I know most girls have their go-to mascara and eye look and have more lip glosses than they could count. However, the most common problem I've come across is ladies of all ages not knowing how to create that billboard-worthy, flaw-free face. And as my readers know well, I have had and will have plenty of posts on different eye looks and lip looks and I will happily take questions in my comments or on my Facebook page if you'd like to know tips on a full-face or a particular eye and/or lip look ... especially how to do it inexpensively. For now, a picture-perfect face:

1. NYC New York Color Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer (Shade 684 - only comes in 1 shade) $3.99
2. Hard Candy Glamoflauge heavy duty concealer (medium - found at Walmart) $6.00
3. NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup with Vitamins A & E (my shade is #679 Soft Beige) $2.99
4. NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder (#741A Translucent) $2.99
5. L.A. Colors Pressed Powder (BPP320 Nude - found at Dollar Trees & Family Dollars) $1.00
6. L.A. Colors expressions Bronzer w/ Brush (in Bronze Glow- Dollar Tree) $1.00
7. L.A. Colors expressions Blush w/ Applicator (in Berry Plum-Dollar Tree) $1.00
For a grand total of: $18.97!
- Begin by applying the primer to your face. Make sure your face is clean and moisturized, but let any moisturizer absorb fully before applying anything else. If you don't, as the moisturizer absorbs, it'll pull anything else on your face in with it, causing your makeup to disappear and clog your pores.
- Next apply the Hard Candy concealer to any areas you'd like extra coverage on. For me, I cover redness, under-eye circles, and any blemishes. This concealer is not kidding when they say "heavy duty" so a little does a lot! Keep that in mind.
- Then apply the foundation to your entire face to give a blended, even coverage and look. Use a stippling application technique to apply to makeup, not spread/paint it on. Stippling in this sense, by definition, means to apply paint, powder, etc. to something with many light dabs. Essentially, apply the foundation by quickly dabbing the makeup on your face repeatedly until achieving desired coverage.
- Using a powder brush, apply the loose powder by dabbing it on over your foundation to set your makeup. The one I recommended above is translucent, meaning it has no color, so it does NOT add any coverage or color; it merely sets liquid makeup.
- *This step is NOT necessary; I just prefer it.* I take a powder brush and apply a pressed powder in a matching shade, like L.A. Colors Pressed Powder, in nude for me, to give the entire face a finished look. It helps set the liquid makeup with the loose powder while absorbing any oil and/or sweat. It also gives a last layer or barrier of coverage and color which I always appreciate.
- This step is optional as well, but I recommend it. Here is where you apply the bronzer. Many people are afraid of bronzer or feel it always looks fake or orange. The key is finding a natural shade and applying it accurately. Take a bronzer or powder brush and apply it in the shape of a "3". Begin in the center of your forehead, wrap around the outer corner of your eye and come in over your cheek bone, back out and around your mouth and finish in the center of your chin. Repeat on the opposite side. Run the brush down your nose and lightly brush over your forehead and chin again. Essentially, you want it look like the bronzer is where the sunlight would hit your face naturally for a sun-kissed look.
- Apply your blush now. I recommend L.A. Colors in "Berry Plum" for the perfect fall shade. It's also what I have on in the pictures below. Feel free to use another color if you'd like, but for the upcoming season and clothing colors, it'll be a great color for just about everyone. Apply the blush in an upward motion from the apples of your cheeks outward to your hairline. Bring the color up around your eye, essentially the temple area, for a contoured, professional look.
... and voilĂ ! You are camera ready ... and certainly hallway ready! Strut your stuff knowing your face will be the envy of the class! Lots of love and remember any questions about this or any other looks are more than welcomed! Comment below or visit me on Facebook, my loves!
Full face (ignore eyes & lips for above post)


  1. looks nice for young girls... But how about your mother or grandma?

  2. Thank you. Again, for ignoring the eye or lip look in the picture, this face can be worn by anyone. Of course you can simply use one or all of your favorite products if you already have some and want to take just the tips or steps above, feel free! There are other makeup brands that can certainly work for more mature skin, but these can work too. This was just a blog post to show you that you can create a flawless, even face without spending $100s of dollars at department stores. Give this look a try if you're interested and tell me what you think! If you need any age-specific tips, I'd be happy to help.