Sunday, August 26, 2012

Magazine Articles, Blog Posts Galore ... Recommending Products You'd Need Millions to Score?!

Okay, so does it bother anyone else when you read real people magazines and articles and online posts about makeup, hair, pretty much anything beauty and they recommend products WAY out of our budget? I just got an e-mail today from a website that discusses everything beauty and fashion. They e-mail you articles and I got one today with basically your go-to products for specific events that a clutch is more practical over a big purse for. The tips were super interesting and helpful. They recommended specific products you'd need for certain events like petal heel inserts for a night out and mini mascaras for wedding tears and even the ideal style clutch for each event. I found the article both informative and helpful.

What I didn't like though was for each event they suggested a clutch-ful of products for, they included a picture and recommended products below. Some of the items just baffled me. For example, the mascara duo they recommend for a wedding was $24 and for the night out clubbing, all-over shimmer for $22. I get it some of you may have the budget to run out and grab those things for events that will cost you money already (you've heard of the whole "buying you and your guest's dinner plates as your gift amount minimum and price of drinks while you're out? Not cheap!) or you may even have these items at home, but what about the rest of us?

Another example. I just love when magazines take gorgeous, runway outfits and show us how to shop in our malls and get a $5,000 runway look for $500 (if you're lucky), but even $1,000 beats the hell out of a $5,000 head to toe look. But come on! People who have a random $500-$1,000 laying around to go recreate that have-to-have look are the only ones interested in fashion? No. And I get it they show you a picture of the runway look and the "discount" look so you can hit discount stores, consignment shops, and thrift stores to try to piece it together yourself. But why the hell is it so hard to give us a third look in the magazine? I know, you'd be shrinking two looks where stores are named and I'm sure are paid advertisement, but you'd be helping the rest of us. Tell us how we can get something similar to that look cheaper. Recommend pieces that we'd probably already have in our wardrobe: a black tank for example would be like $150 in the runway look and $48.50 from some store ... don't most of us own a black tank? Or could find one at Target for like $10 ... or Walmart for $5! Please, we're not stupid and you'd get more loyal readers and subscriptions if you recommended things we could actually consider. A third look wouldn't kill the magazines. I know I'd be much more likely to buy regularly or subscribe if these magazines offered more than "10 Dirty Things Your Man Wish You'd Do" ... please I can find that elsewhere ... like talking to my man! Give us more out of your magazines than ads after ads and articles that make us drool over things we'll never afford!

That's why I just love First magazine. I know this sort of seems like a plug for them, but I mean it. It's not so much fashion as it is health, wellness, beauty, home-life tips that actually affect everyday people ... and things you can afford! I have my guilty-pleasure magazines as much as the next girl, but something that can actually be useful in my life? Yes, please!

I'd love to hear my readers' thoughts on this article. I know many of you love your magazines and maybe you have or haven't thought of this, but I'd love to hear if I'm the only one that feels this way. Like thanks for recommending what people with great careers can afford, but what about students, minimum wage workers, people on fixed incomes? We count too!

Here's the link to the article on "Evening Purse Essentials" from
And, I've provided this link before, but in case anyone is interested again: First for women Magazine

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