Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Truth Tuesdays!

Happy Tuesday! It's a very gloomy, rainy one here, but sometimes that's nice to just cuddle up indoors, if you can. Anyway, I'm going to get right to it:

Truth Tuesday (#2 August 14, 2012)

I'm sure everyone out there over the age of like 20 max has worried about aging, at least as far as your skin goes. You hear commercials, read ads, are fed a whole lot of information about skin care, skin care products, ingredients, and just overall telling you what you need to essentially find the fountain of youth via creams and serums. I have some good and bad news and I'll start with the bad. No cream, bottle, serum, or pill is going to reverse any visible signs of aging. In order to truly alter the appearance of aging, visit a dermatologist for Botox or something more permanent. No topical ointment or ingesting of "miracle pills" is going to do much good for you, I'm sorry to say.

However, I have good news too for those of you who've spent countless time, money, and energy in trying to find a non-invasive or non-surgical solution. You can prevent future damage.

Did you know that beginning at age 12 (according to research I learned about from LancĂ´me cosmetics) your skin begins aging? Cell turnover decreases, collagen and elastin (collagen gives skin its strength and elastin gives skin its flexibility) break down, and therefore causes the skin's structure to age. You form fine lines and wrinkles in dry, overused areas. Generally, the eye area ages first and fastest because there are no sebaceous, or sweat, glands around the eye area. If not properly hydrated, the area shows signs of aging fastest because that area of the body, most specifically the face, is never naturally moisturized.

Aging is a natural part of life and can not really be stopped, especially not with something off the shelves in a store. Prevention is key. Sun damage, exposure to the elements, and lack of hydration, along with your genes, play key roles in the aging of your skin. Using sun protection DAILY, not just in the sun, by wearing a daily moisturizer and/or makeup with SPF is very important. If you're going to be in extreme elements, be smart about your delicate skin. Wear hats, scarves, anything suitable for added protection. Remember to keep your face clean by removing makeup, dirt, oils, and impurities off daily each night and morning and always, always, always: hydrate your skin. A facial moisturizer and a cream/gel/serum for your eyes are more than enough.

So whether you're 18 or 88, remember to just take good care and you can help keep your skin from aging much further with that proper care. And if you want to and can afford to, consider Botox and other more permanent options later in life, after you've created all the laugh lines and frown marks that reflect all the struggles you've faced and wonderful memories you've made and maybe, just maybe, you'll want to hang on to them.

Lots of love!

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