Sunday, September 23, 2012

Clearasil Acne+Marks Spot Lotion Review

I was recently visiting my local Dollar Tree (surprising, I know ;) ...) and can you believe they already have Christmas decorations out?! I mean we're not even in October yet and some of the Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations shelving have been given up to Christmas! While I adore the Christmas season, I think we could slow down a little, huh? Anyway, back to the point of this post ... as the title says .. Clearasil Acne+Mark Spot Lotion! .. and for $1.00!

I have tried many an-acne spot treatment and some work really well, others don't do a thing, and one even scarred a pimple onto my face! In my experience the percentage of salicylic acid is what makes the difference. It has to be high enough to actually do something, but low enough (for everyday users anyway) to not burn your skin. Obviously prescribed acne treatments can often have a higher percentage when necessary or even a stronger medication. I have found that for everyday, random pop-up blemishes, 2% is the perfect amount. Not too strong, but effective. This spot lotion has just that-2%.

Another issue I've found with even effective ones is that they burn horribly when applied and have a very strong smell. God forbid you were cursed with a blemish around your nose or eye area and have to use one of these. You'll be pouring tears from the combination of the smell and burn.

This product has a very soft smell that is pretty pleasant and doesn't smell like medication. It doesn't burn at all and is, just as the name says, a lotion. It's not a gel or a clear liquid like many others; instead, it's a white lotion. You can apply it strictly as a spot treatment or over an area of blemishes or previous acne scars.

My husband and I both gave it a try. I have very occasional, small blemishes, while he gets more boil-type blemishes. He only gets them very sporadically now, but used to have bad acne and has acne scarring. We both found that it did not burn or have a bad odor. We also found that it reduced the size and redness of blemishes for both of us, from small pimples to boil-sized blemishes. As far as the acne scarring, we haven't used it long enough to see its effectiveness on that. So far, so good for its name and promises and I will keep you posted on its ability to erase prior acne scars.

From my research, it appears that this product has been updated and that new product is on the shelves in stores now, but this one is at the Dollar Tree and a few other stores, like Walmart. However, it is $6.17 online on Walmart's website so give your Dollar Tree a try! Big savings! AND Dollar Tree now accepts manufacturer coupons!!! Here you can find the new version from Clearasil!

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