Saturday, September 1, 2012

*Fall Trend Alert 2012*

It has arrived. September is here and with it comes Halloween & Thanksgiving decorations in stores and all those fall colored clothes. I have spent hours upon hours diving into online articles and magazines, walking the stores and malls reviewing displays and the new fall stock. I have gathered together a synopsis of the upcoming Fall Trends for 2012. However, even my summary of the many words, upon sentences, upon paragraphs, upon pages I've read and the hours I've perused the displays, I still have lots to say. I will be writing multiple posts on the Fall Trends of 2012 so stay tuned!

Here's a little sneak peak because I just love you so much:

-Black & Gold
-Black & White
-Purple & Gold
-Lips, Nails, and Eyes
-Looks for your age

Vague, I know, but try & guess what means what and you'll soon see if you're right! Leave comments here or on my Facebook page with ideas & thoughts! I can't wait to hear from you!

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