Saturday, September 15, 2012

Subtle Saturday

I apologize for the late posting! Happy Saturday, loves! It's been a hectic day and I just got to a computer so I apologize if you've been waiting! I'm making it in under the midnight mark though so it's still fitting to be called Subtle Saturday! Here it is, just for you!

Subtle Saturday (#3 September 15, 2012)

I know today is Saturday so the last thing (hopefully) on your mind is work! Maybe you do work weekends so this could apply to you this weekend, or on Monday, or any day soon! I know the economy is in rough spot and finding jobs is NOT easy right now. Believe me, I know! There are so many key factors to getting the interview and landing the job. Your answers in those little personality quizzes when you apply, your cover letter and resume, your voice mail answering message when a possible future employer call all weigh into their decision and opinion of you. So let's say you get through the application and they are interested and call you in for an interview. Here's the key part! You've got a foot in the door in the sense that they now know your work history, a little bit about you (professionally anyway) through your cover letter and application, but now you have to wow them during your interview.

It's not really fair to say, but it's true: a book is judged by its cover. Let's face it, if you don't put yourself together for the interview trying to get a job, especially when it's so hard today, when are you going to? The key is polished and professional, basically putting effort into your look, showing you care about yourself and how you present yourself. Now for makeup lovers and non-makeup lovers alike, what is the "right" thing to do as far as makeup and hair and clothing? Do you go all out to show you care or is there such a thing as too much?

Here is my opinion:

Clothing: I believe the clothing for any interview, from McDonalds cashier to CEO should always be professional. Your clothing should fit properly (too tight AND too loose are NOT good) and be clean, as well as neat. Whether it be ironing, tucked in, buttoned, whatever that particular outfit should look like ... make sure it does. Choose professional colors: black, brown, navy blue, gray, tan (or in those color families). Pops of color can be okay, especially in artistic fields, but make sure it's classy and professional. Pants should be worn appropriately and shirts should NEVER be low-cut. Shoes should always be professional too: heels, flats, anything that matches your outfit. NEVER EVER are sneakers, flip-flops, or casual sandals appropriate. The key, in my opinion, is you should *ALWAYS DRESS FOR AT LEAST THE JOB POSITION ABOVE THE ONE YOU ARE INTERVIEWING FOR!* This means that if you are interviewing for a stockroom position, dress as if you're going to be selling on the floor, and if you're up for a sales job, dress the part of a manager. It shows that you care about your interview and not only want future advancement opportunities, but allows the interviewer to see you in that light.

Hair: I'm going to focus mostly on women for this. Essentially, just make sure your hair is done! No crazy colors (unless it's a funky hair salon where that would help your case), meaning only naturally available shades. If you're a blonde, but went dark, that's perfectly fine! Just make sure it's a form of a color you could have been born with ... aka no aqua blue or Hulk green or neon pink! Whether you style your hair curly, straight, wavy or somewhere in between, today is not a day to forgo it! Style your hair and make sure it will stay that way with gel, hairspray ... whatever. No messy buns EVER, but well-kept "ballerina" type buns are perfectly fine, and very "in" right now! Ponytails I'd personally avoid, as that more says "gym" or "cleaning" than "professional- HIRE ME!", but certain styles may be okay. If you question it, don't do it.

As for the men, just well-kept. Brush your hair if you have it, apply product to keep in place and whether you shave your face entirely, keep some facial hair, or grow a full beard - groom it!

Makeup: This is a BIG thing! For women, the fact is whether your interviewer is a woman or a man, makeup matters. Maybe if you're going to be a scientist in a back lab it won't, but in general, it will. It shows you care, that you put time into your look in the morning. Don't feel as if you need to go insane and create a look that would be in a MAC cosmetics ad (unless of course you are interviewing for them!). Just do a look that fits you. Be sure to conceal under your eyes and any redness (typically around the nose and anywhere else you may have it), blend and even out your skin tone and set it with powder. DO NOT FORGET PRIMER so your makeup can stay put! Bring blotting sheets or oil-absorbing powder for just before to touch-up. Soft eyes, like a light-brown smokey eye, are great to look professional and elegant. Thin liner is perfectly acceptable; however, if you're a fan of lower lash line-lining, only go with the waterline. Your lower lash line can be perceived as a "going out at night" look rather than professional. Of course, apply mascara and do your brows. Blush is a key piece too to add color so you don't look washed out and ghostly. For your lips, I'd go simple for most job position interviews. Nudes, pinks, and peaches are ideal. I would recommend lip stick and gloss for staying power and so it will be visible.

The key is to looking professional and hire-able and avoiding looking over or underdone. I felt this was pretty fitting for a Subtle Saturday because to me, interview looks are just that: finding subtle ways to appeal to your future employer! Dress, accessorize, and prepare yourself like you care and it shows! Best of luck, loves!

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