Sunday, September 9, 2012

Seasonal Sunday (September 2012)

Hey there, my gorgeous makeup lovers! I hope you are all enjoying your September so far! Finally (at least in my area anyway), the weather has broken! It's finally not 90 degrees all day long and boy, are the 70's nice! I have had a series of unfortunate events and my camera's battery or the battery charger has decided to quit on me so this week's pictures will be the final ones for a little while. My iPad takes pictures, but the quality is only so-so, so I'll see what I can do until I find a way to fix my issue or get a new camera! Regardless, September Beauty Week will go on!

As many of you, especially those with husbands or boyfriends ... or any male family member, know today is the season opener for football! I'm sure plenty of ladies out there are excited too and the rest of the women know that Sundays & Mondays are now rather busy for the man in their lives. Whether you love football yourself, embrace it and cook the halftime snacks for your man, or are just trying to get into football (for him or yourself), why not do so to the 9's? Might as well throw on a jersey of your favorite (or your man's) team, or at least a shirt to match? How about your makeup though? What about doing team-theme eyes? I am from Philadelphia and my family is essentially split down the middle on Eagles vs. Steelers. My hubby is an Eagles fan, as are my grandparents, so I made a "Go Eagles" onesie for my Zoe and did my makeup in tribute to the Philadelphia Eagles colors. Here goes:

Seasonal Sundays (#3 September 9, 2012)

"Philadelphia Eagles ... Football Chic"

To get this look:

- First apply your flawless face. I used the same makeup in my Back-to-School post with a deeper pink/nude blush.
- Next, prime your eyelids and under your lower lash line. I use (as always) MAC's Paint Pot in "Painterly".
- Now to get the eye look above, you will first apply the darkest shade. I applied a matte black shadow to my outer corner, to about halfway in to my eyelid. I brought the color a little farther in on my lid towards the bottom near my lash line.
- Next, I applied a deeper green shade with shimmer (not dark or hunter green though) to my lid from the inner corner to meet the black shadow. I worked some of the green onto the black to get a blended look.

- Then, I took a little more of the black shadow and reapplied it to the outer corner for definition.
- I lined my eye with a black eyeliner on my upper lash line and my lower waterline (inner lash line). I then took a flat, angled eyeliner brush and applied the black shadow in a smudged line under my lower lashes.

- I applied about 3 coats of mascara (in black of course) to both my upper and lower lashes.
- Next, apply your brows. I use NYC's eyeliner/brow pencil in "Taupe".
SEPHORA COLLECTION - Ultra Shine Lip Gloss

- Finally, finish up with a soft pink (or nude if you'd prefer) lip. I used MAC's lipstick in "Angel" with Sephora's Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in "20 Shiny Perfect Nude". Feel free to use any soft pink lipstick and nude lip gloss to recreate this look!

Lots of love, gorgeous! Go EAGLES!

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