Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A to Z .. of my makeup!

Hey gorgeous! I decided to do something a little different. I HATE HATE HATE pictures of myself without makeup on, first and foremost, so know I really love you! Anyway, I post pictures of looks and once posted a before and after of with and without makeup. Here's a little step-by-step picture story of me from no makeup, to concealer, to foundation, to powder, bronzer, and blush, to eyes, and finally to lips and the full look completed. If you have any questions about specific products, ask away in the comments or on Facebook.

No makeup
No makeup (again)

All the places I apply concealer after primer,
before foundation. I know, I look like I'm going
to war or something haha.

After concealer has been blended in.

Foundation, powder, blush, and bronzer on.

Eyes and eyebrows, clearly.

Full face, eyes, and lips

Again, this is just my beginning to end for doing my makeup so you can see the progression! Any questions on products or techniques, ask away!

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