Friday, July 20, 2012

Fierce Fridays!

TGIF! It's Friday ... a.k.a. date night, girl's night, basically just a night out after a long week! I know you're breaking the heels out, wearing something low cut, and pulling out the jewelry. Obviously you're going to do your hair, but sexy straight or seductive waves? What about makeup? Nude eyes and a hot lip or sexy eyes and a subtle lip? Well in this blog's beauty week each month, Fridays are FIERCE FRIDAYS! This Fierce Friday look is going for a sexy eye and a softer lip, but not nude! I wanted to make sure I got this post out early enough in case any of my party girls needed some inspiration for tonight! So here you are, have fun, stay safe, don't leave your drink alone and all those other things ... but go crazy and look sexy while you do:

Fierce Fridays (#1 July 20, 2012)

- As with every makeup look: prime, conceal, blend, finish, blush/bronze ...


- Prime your lids with MAC Paint Pot in "Painterly" from lash line to brow.
- Apply smashbox cream eyeliner in "LAVA" (a shimmery, gunmetal color) to your eye lid from lash line to the crease, using either your ring finger or a flat eye shadow or a concealer brush. (Layer this until you achieve desired pigment)
- Next, take NYX roll on shimmer (for eyes, face, and body) in "Purple" (RES09), and roll it on to the back of your hand. Roll it around a decent amount to have a good amount of color on your hand to work with. Using an eye shadow brush, pick up some of the purple color and apply it over top of the cream eyeliner you applied to your lid. Work this color up into the crease. As with step 2, reapply and layer this color until you achieve both the coverage and pigment you want.
- Take MAC eye shadow in "Naked Lunch" (frost) using a smaller eye shadow brush and apply it to your brow bone and inner corner. This blends the look, highlights the brow bone, and lightens the inner corner of your eyes.
- Apply a black eyeliner to your lower waterline. If you'd like a more dramatic look you can apply a thicker black line using a cream liner and brush to your upper lash line and make a winged look for more seductive, nighttime eyes.
- Finish up with mascara. Apply a few coats to get good coverage, length, and volume.
- Fill in and shape your brows using NYX eye liner/brow pencil. In the following pictures, I used "Taupe", which is really versatile, from red-heads to blondes to brunettes. (White or light, light blondes and black hair should match the color as close as possible to the natural brow hair color.)


- As always, when your primed your face, you apply a lip conditioner. This makes any makeup residue that got on your lips easy to wipe off, kept them moisturized, and will help remove any dead skin.
- To get the color I wanted, I applied two different lip colors. I used NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in "Natural" and "Dolly Girl". "Natural" is a nude, pink shade and "Dolly Girl" is a vibrant hot pink, almost fushia shade.
- I wipe off any remaining lip conditioner, therefore removing makeup residue and dead skin.
- I next applied the "Natural" shade to my entire lip using the applicator.
- I then take "Dolly Girl" and use the very end tip of the applicator and apply this color around the edge of my lips, almost like a thick lip liner. I do this on both my upper and lower lips. Then I rub my lips together, like I'm blending out a lipstick. This leaves the color sort of blotchy.
- Take your ring finger and gently dab around your lips.Start with your upper lip and finish at the bottom. Your upper lip is typically smaller so the color generally ends up concentrated there and softer on your lower lip so if you blend the top out first, you'll carry some of the color to your lower lip. You're left with a gorgeous pink shade that compliments the eyes without competing wit them!

And voila, you're gorgeous and fierce just in time for Fierce Friday!

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