Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Truth Tuesdays!

Hey loves! Happy Tuesday! Today is the 3rd day of my blog beauty week and it is TRUTH TUESDAY! This day will, just like the others, be a part of one week out of each month where each day is dedicated to a specific blog post. Tuesdays will be all about telling the truth! Most products I tell you about are products I've loved and continue to use because they've worked for me. Now, one day out of the month (at least anyway) I'll tell you about something I just can't stand. Whether it simply didn't work, is crazy expensive for the value, or just overall sucks, today is the day you'll hear my mini rant on it, so here yah go:

Truth Tuesdays (#1 July 17, 2012)

Ever been to a dollar store, discount store, or drug store and seen bottles of fragrances that look similar to popular, designer fragrances, but are super cheap? Ever wonder if it's the same scent bottled cheaply and you can get a killer deal? I obviously haven't tried every single one out there, but I've tried my fair share. Guess what? THEY SUCK. No deal to be found. They are made in crappy bottles, sometimes plastic and sometimes glass with the worst spray nozzle ever. Some are in hair spray type containers and spray as a scent mist. Victoria's Secret offers this with some of their fragrances and sometimes even have sparkle to them and their's are great! Those discount ones? THUMBS DOWN!

- They are bottled horribly. The bottles are simple, ugly, and unappealing. Sometimes the spray nozzle doesn't work, or is even missing once you get the box home and open it.

- While you may be willing to forgo "cuteness" and style to save a great deal of money since the average bottles of perfume in department stores, depending on size and brands, can range from $55 all the way, well into $100 and up, you aren't only skimping on the look. The scents are cheaply made as well. They open with a heavy alcohol smell and generally fade away to nothing. If you're lucky they fade away to nothing instead of gluing a horrific knock-off, nauseating scent to your skin and clothes.

- They design the boxes and create the names of these fragrances to emulate the high end perfumes they are trying to imitate. This often happens with Ed Hardy, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and similar ones. This to me is really kind of unfair marketing. I take no issue when it says on the box "Similar to such and such perfume". That lets you know what it's like. But when you design the box to look just like the designer one and the name is just a word or so off, that can trick people. Young girls, older women, people who aren't so fragrance savvy, can find themselves stocking up on these amazing deals that once they get home, SUCK! And if you buy them at the dollar store, you're basically screwed. They do not accept returns; they only offer exchanges and you have to have your receipt. So if you went ahead and bought 20 fragrances as party favors, go home and smell it and hate it, you now have to find that dollar store receipt (because we really hang on to those) and go back to the store, wait for a manager and find another 20 items to essentially trade for.

While it's a cute idea for little girls to wear fragrances like mommy without spending a lot or letting your 3 year old run through your bottle of Dolce & Gabbana, the average person will just end up wasting a few dollars on an ugly bottle that will only take up room collecting dust in your closet.

Knock offs (the two on the far right "Tattooed" and "La Vida Loca" immitate the two below)
You can see how the colors, fonts, designs, and labels closely immitate the designer bottles, which can obviously cause confusion!

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