Sunday, July 15, 2012

Seasonal Sundays!

Hey there; Happy Sunday! If you're a fan of my Facebook page, then you knew there was a new post coming today with something new for the blog! So here it is: Once a month, for one week (Sunday through Saturday) there are going to be daily posts with something specific for the day. So for example, today is Sunday. Sundays are Seasonal Sundays. Once a month on a Sunday, I'll write and post about a seasonal look or a beauty regimen good for the season we're in. Then that same week, on Monday, there'll be a specific post for Mondays (one Monday a month). I know that may be a little rambley, but I wanted to fully explain it. Today's post is "Seasonal Sundays" and the next one will be a Sunday in August. *Remember to check back daily this week as there will be a new post daily until Saturday!*

Seasonal Sundays (#1 July 15, 2012)

This is a look that is fun and summery. I've posted a similar look before, but this one I feel is perfect for a middle of the summer night out or even a day time look. It's noticeable and sexy, but fun and flirty so it can be worn day or night and could always be made more dramatic (thicker liner, winged tip, deeper color added in outer corner for more depth), or made more natural (brown liner instead of black, or forgo liner and only do mascara). Anyway, here's the look:

- Apply a full face of makeup (prime, conceal, blend, set)
- Apply bronzer to the entire face for a summery glow by applying it like a "3" to either side of your face.          
            Gently run the brush through the color and begin in the center of your forehead. Work the color our
            around your eye and come back in on your cheek bone, then out again around your mouth and come
            back in to the middle of your chin. Repeat on the other side and then run down the center of your
            nose. This method ensures you get the bronzer spread evenly so you don't look fake and that the
            color is only on the areas the sun would hit and tan you naturally!
- Apply blush (in a pinky peach tone) to your cheeks
- Prime your eye lids (I used/always use MAC Paint Pot in "Painterly"
- Begin by applying a matte, nude shade to your entire eye lid. I used MAC eye shadow in "Brule"
- Then I used the NYX eye shadow trio in "Shangri-La", which is yellow, orange, and peach shadows.
            - I apply the peach shade (far right) to my eye lid from lash line to crease.
            - I then apply the orange shade to my crease, blending outward and upward slightly. I also work it    
              into my outer corner.
           - Lastly, I apply the yellow shade as a highlight to my inner corner and brow bone.
- I applied a cream eyeliner in black (mine was from e.l.f.) using a flat eyeliner brush to my lash line.
- I took a pencil eyeliner in black and applied it to the inside of my lower waterline.
- I wrapped up the look with some black mascara on top & bottom lashes and filled in my brows using an  
  eyeliner/brow pencil from NYX in "Taupe".
- To keep the look seasonal and soft, I applied a tangerine lip gloss for a sheer wash of color. (Peach,
  tangerine, or coral would all work too)

Feel free to create this look using your own shadows you already have or something similar. I think a burnt orange would also be pretty to add to this look in the outer corner to add depth to make this look more nighttime friendly or to go from summer to fall! Anyway, play with your colors and leave comments and send pictures of your own looks! Don't forget to "Like" me on Facebook for more pictures and so we can interact even more at: FacEscapes by Tina.