Monday, July 9, 2012

Something A Little Different .. Perfume!

My reviews and posts are generally on makeup or skin care and sometimes hair care. I never really mention or review perfumes I've tried and love or tried and hate. While there are a TON I really can't stand, I have been wearing one a lot lately that I love! I've had it for like a year and a half now and completely forgot about it, but as I was cleaning my closet out that contains all of my lady gear (the good kind lol .. makeup, hair stuff, perfume apparently haha) and found it and I fell back in love!

My perfume of right now is: Vera Wang "Princess". I have it in a typical spray bottle and a roll on fragrance, which is always the way to go. This perfume has amazing stay power and lasts almost all day long, even if you sweat or are moving around, but I love a fragrance on the go. Roll on perfumes can tuck easily into purses and evening bags ... even your jean pockets!

This perfume:

1. Smells great .. obviously. Why else would I love it? But really though, it just has the warm, feminine scent that doesn't smell too young or too elderly, it doesn't have that teenage trying-too-hard scent, and it just is really pretty. It's not floral or clean/fresh, but not quite a musk in my opinion. It's almost like Warm Vanilla Sugar's warmth, without the wanting to vomit from sweetness. (Amazing description right? Vera Wang should just be knocking down my door to write the reviews on her fragrances hahaha) But honestly, it's the most down to earth, legit way I can describe it. Typical scent words "Musky", "Floral", "Clean" do evoke an idea of it, but floral can vary widely from a hint of femininity to catch in your throat, gagging, field of flowers where is my Zyrtec?

2. Adorable packaging. The full sized bottle is in the shape of a heart and is tinted purple. The cap is gold and the lid is a gold crown with jewels on it that just surrounds the nozzle. Super cute. The roll on fragrance is a decently large (in length) stick that is clear with a hint of purple as well. It has gold, hand drawn looking hearts over the entire bottle and in the center says VERA WANG and under it says "princess" in the cutest script font.

3. The scent actually lasts. You don't have to bathe in it to smell it so it actually lasts more than a month, even being worn daily. You don't often need to reapply so if you get the gift set around a holiday and end up with the bottle and roll on fragrance, you really end up with 2 perfumes.

4. The boys love it. It's not too strong, or girly. It's soft and subtle and feminine ... all the good things you want a woman's fragrance to evoke, but it's got something to it. Something like an undertone I guess. It's like dark, seductive. Like when you first smell it, it's sweet and lady like, but on the back end it's like naughty hahaha. Like you know the woman wearing it, has another side. I'm going to say it ... Vera Wang's Princess makes me think of "lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets". hahahahaha Anyway, it's just a sexy fragrance so give it a whirl! It'll make you feel seductive and your man will not mind!

Vera Wang Princess Perfume - 3.4 oz *NEW in BOX* - $30.00!! :  wedding Vera Wang Perfume

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