Monday, July 9, 2012

Fireworks Fierce ... 4th of July Makeup!

Happy belated 4th of July! I hope everyone had a fun, safe midweek celebration! It felt so weird for the 4th to fall on a Wednesday to me. I mean obviously it changes every year, but I feel like it's always a Sunday or a Monday for some weird reason. Anyway, besides the point, my family and I had a wonderful day on the beach! We took little Miss Zoe for her first real beach trip and she swam in the pool, played in the sand, and tried out the ocean! After a much needed nap (while Mommy got ready), we headed out on the beach for some fireworks and Wildwood did a great job! Zoe just loved them and didn't cry once; I was so proud! Anyway, enough about my fun filled day .. and on to the makeup!

I wasn't sure what look I wanted for sure. I debated soft, subtle eyes and a red lip, blue eyes and a nude lip, or going all out (since it's a holiday and all) and rocking the blue eyes and red lips. Well I forgot (fail!) my red lip stick, gloss .. pretty much anything red .... so blue eyes and a softer lip it was!

Here goes: Fireworks Fierce

Eyes: Blue and White

1. I prime the eye lids (as always) with MAC Paint Pot in "Painterly" from lash line to the brow.
2. Next I applied the lightest shade (top left corner) from the palette "Eye Candy" from L.A. Colors on the entire eye lid.
3. I then took "Irises" from NYX cosmetics, which is a brighter true blue (4th of July blue basically) and applied it on the lid from lash line to the crease. I also worked it up slightly into the crease somewhat fading out. I took a flat eye shadow brush and reapplied the color repeatedly until I got the desired pigment I wanted.
4. I then took the darkest shade (blue in the bottom right corner) of "Eye Candy" from L.A. Colors and applied that in the crease and outer corner.
5. Next, I combined "Crystal Avalanche" and "Naked Lunch" eye shadows from MAC cosmetics with the lightest shade from "Eye Candy" that I originally used over my entire lid and applied those 3 colors to my brow bone and inner corner.
6. I then applied cream eye liner in black to my lash line and a black eyeliner pencil to my lower waterline and finished off with mascara. And of course, I filled in my brows using "Taupe" eye liner/brow pencil from NYX cosmetics.

Lips: Soft Nude Pink

1. I always prep my lips with lip conditioner when I first prime my face before any makeup goes on so when I'm ready to do my lips, they are soft and all dry skin can be wiped off easily with a tissue.
2. Then I applied "Natural Nymph" lipstick from e.l.f. cosmetics.
3. Next, I applied "Cultured" gloss from MAC cosmetics from their Tinted Lipglass line

Then ... ta da! You're 4th of July set!

Mommy & Zoe (6 mths old already!) on the beach for 4th of July 2012!

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